Reflecting Back on Growing My Business Mindset

by Amanda Abella  - March 30, 2021

This is my annual birthday post!

I’m excited to have moved so far from my early beginnings with only my blog to my company with an entire team behind me!

A reflection on this last year:

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Digging Deep on My Money Mindset

I decided to dig deep into my money mindset in 2020, and this process provided an excellent contrast to the previous year. I chose to expand despite dreary circumstances. If there was ever a global final exam of mindset, the pandemic year was definitely that year!

This process was complicated, especially when the world is in such a dark place. But I still woke up every day, and I chose to move through and make this change. Working with mentors like Michael Burt and Harry Hale was so helpful in shifting my mindset.


How to Create an Identity of Wealth

I needed to shift my mindset to create my version of a wealthy woman’s identity. What is the essence that I’m trying to create? For me, I want to be wealthy as fuck. I want Chanel bags and real estate – I want it all.

I started to make decisions from a different place because I realized that the world is on fire. There’s much going on here, but I’m going to choose to make decisions about the wealthy woman’s identity. Contemplate and think about who you want to become and make a plan to get there.


Building Relationships to Achieve Your Dream

My challenges were primarily career-based. I realized I needed to build relationships first and then move on to make my career skyrocket.

Are you going to step up? Those who choose to step up always get rewarded. I didn’t realize this mantra until I started studying the more energetic aspects of the universe, which affected my business and me personally. When I look back, I realized I was getting my ass handed to me for the past three years, astrologically speaking. I was experiencing this at the same time that the world was getting it/s ass whooped astrologically as well.


Stepping into The Age of Acquiring

I’m all about being aware and acknowledging the power of the acquiring age we’re in. I’m so tired of all the Capricorn energy. I need a breather, and I need a quickening!

Now I get to release all the tiers I built up last year. Now I get to reap the rewards of following my internal guidance and intuition and stepping up even when it was hard.


Do the Hard Stuff and Get Rewarded in Business

You can do hard things when you make a plan and stick to your goals! So many people get overwhelmed by challenges and problems, but you don’t have to be. Always looking for a solution, and you can overcome the challenges of owning your own business.

Challenges aren’t dire; they are here to show us how to stretch and grow beyond our current boundaries. Expand our horizons to grow and learn something new. Because although we wish we lived in a world without problems, we don’t and we have to be able to deal with these issues to move forward and grow both personally and professionally.


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