The Secret to Six Figures

We've put together 15 years of sales experience in fundraising, recruiting, B2B and digital marketing into one sales program that teaches you the ins and outs of selling. We've been teaching this since 2017 and on average our clients have seen a 30% increase in revenue in 45 days - while working less!

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I Know What It's Like to Struggle to Get to Six Figures

It took me six years to get to six figures in my first business simply because I didn't understand the basic concepts of a business. Like you, I didn't grow up with successful entrepreneurial parents, so I spent years circling the drain trying to figure it out. I eventually did and not only had six-figure years, but have also had six figure months by understanding two things.

Product Creation

No one will buy your offer if it's not any good. By creating a perfect-fit offer for the perfect-fit audience, sales become easy. And guess what? All it takes is a few weeks to create an offer and pre-sell it.

Marketing and Sales

Marketing and sales is the life blood of any business. I became an expert at both getting attention and converting it to sales. We have almost 1MM views and downloads on our content and have generated over 7-figures in sales for ourselves and for clients.

What we offer in Persuade to Profit 

Offer Creation

We help you create offers that sell like hot cakes by teaching you our proprietary method.

Pricing Structure

We show you our proprietary pricing formula as well as teach you how to create a product ladder so you feel confident charging for your products and services.

Social Media and Email Marketing

With nearly 1MM views and downloads on our content, we know how to get attention. In this program, we teach you our secrets and the basics of marketing psychology.

Our In Depth Sales Training

Sales is the Number 1 Skill every business owner needs to understand. In Persuade to Profit we teach you our five step sales process and the skills you need at each stage.

Persuade to Profit Teaches All Of These Skills

Persuade to Profit 

We focus on:




With over 15 years of experience in digital marketing, 1MM views on content and seven figures in sales generated for ourselves and clients, we know what works in the world of online business and what doesn't.

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Adina generated an additional $4,000 in sales in just 2 weeks after sales training.

limited bonus features

The purpose of this section is to provide an overview of your product. This could be an outline of chapters in your ebook, lessons in your course, modules in your coaching program etc. The reader should come away from this with a very clear idea of what they will get for their money.

Sales Intensive Recording

Never fumble on a sales conversation again. Listen to one of our famous sales intensives where we help our clients role play sales conversations.

Recorded Q&A Calls

You have questions and we have answers. Access a database of Q&A calls that answer all your questions about offers, pricing, marketing, sales and much more.

Our SEO and YouTube Research Strategy

Use these to rewire your mind for making money. We use these on a daily basis before all sales activity.

Media Pitch 365 System

Get our entire media pitching system that shows you how to pitch the media. I share the exact template that got me a column at Inc and got me a spot on the #1 Business Podcast in the world. I've also already created 1000+ media pitch ideas for you.

Sales Script Vault

An entire library and database of every sales script we use. Just swipe them for your own business!

Private Call with Amanda or a member of her team

Get expert eyes on your sales process and offers.

See Our Client Wins

What Makes Us Different?

We test everything extensively before we teach it so we have the data to back it up:

Over 100,000 emails sent on behalf of ourselves, partners and clients.

Nearly 1MM views on our content - including TikToks with over 200k views.

Over seven figures in sales generated for ourselves and for clients.

Over 400 TV, radio and podcast interviews.

We've worked across industries including coaching, real estate, financial advisors, beauty, education and more.

Our Pricing Options

Normally we sell this program for $1497, but for a limited time you can get it at 50% off.

Pay In Full


2 Payments


Split your payments over 2 months. Does come with extra surcharge for administrative costs.

3 Payments


Split your payments over 3 months. Does come with extra surcharge for administrative costs.


Do I get access to everything at once?

Yes. We don't believe in holding out on information.

Do I have lifetime access?

Yes. For as long as the program exists you have lifetime access.

Is there support?

You will get access to our client-only Facebook group where you can ask questions. Our Pay In Full clients also receive a private coaching call with Amanda or a member of her team. If we decide to run this program live again then you will be the first to know so you can get further support.

What is your refund policy?

You have a 7-day money back guarantee. Just show us you went through the videos and did the work, and we'll happily refund the money within 7 days.

Is this different than the Persuade to Profit LITE Program?

Yes. This is the FULL version of Persuade to Profit which goes much deeper into concepts such as sales skills. Think of it as 15 years of sales training put into one program for you. It's best for people who are making at least $50k in their businesses but have not yet reached six figures so we can make the sales consistent. Persuade to Profit LITE is our 101 training for people who are brand new.

Limited time offer!

See How Easily You Can Reach Six Figures

It's a lot easier than you think with the right strategy and guidance from someone whose methods have been tried and tested.