Building Out Systems for Clarity

by Amanda Abella  - March 23, 2021

I always knew I could sell and get money.

I know how to find money, and I don’t need Facebook ads to find cash and close someone at $25,000.

I know in my bones how to do this, and I have a damn good product.

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Because of my self-confidence in sales, I have the conviction that I’ll get things done in my business.

I feel like this is what’s missing for many people: the conviction and confidence in the product they’re selling

Choosing Your Partner to Build Out Systems

When you’re building out a new system, you must be critical and picky about whom you choose to be on your team!

Scaling is challenging, and you’ll want to consider if you need to partner with someone to build out these systems—partner with somebody who wants to do it and wants to scale with you.

For Those Who Didn’t Get the Small Business Stimulus Package

I applied for my company six months ago and still haven’t heard anything about getting financial assistance. So many people haven’t gotten any help for their business. And even with the local aid for small business owners and contractors, I know many people who didn’t get local support.

Whatever they’re tracking, the business numbers don’t tell you the whole story of the business people who are still in the game.

Why You Need to Trust Your Gut Instinct

How do you blend your spirituality into being a CEO? That’s where the higher faculties of vision and imagination come into play. I think the most significant problem people have in business, particularly those who get scammed or taken advantage of because you don’t trust yourself.

You must trust your gut instinct and don’t wait for someone else to permit you to believe in yourself. Choose to believe in yourself and listen to your gut when it’s telling you something. Trust yourself to get the money and that things are going to work out for your business.

Create Realistic Expectations

I don’t have unrealistic expectations because I expect good things, and I expect things to work out, and I’m okay with failing by the way or falling flat on my face.

I started a whole career telling everybody how fucked up I was about money.

I’m not worried about it now.

I’ve gotten back up so many times at this point that like, I’m like, whatever, I’ll just figure it out. Like I always do. Which, by the way, that’s where confidence comes from, guys. It’s doing what you say you’ll do and getting up again and again. None of this is easy, but I think I always knew that.

Scaling with Systems and a Great Team

If we don’t hit seven figures in 2021, we’re going to be damn close.

We have a plan, we know the numbers, we know what we need to track.

We know who’s doing what and how to expand the company.

I’ve never had that level of clarity before, and it all came from having the breathing space that having systems to run my business and the skill, talent, and time the team brought on board.

Setting and Hitting Company Income Goals

Moving forward, how do we hit these numbers?

I haven’t hit six figures in a month yet, but I’ve done the math.

What I learned when I was trying to get to six figures the first time was that I didn’t think it would take me so long to get there.

The other thing that comes up for me is now I understand why people say don’t go for six and go for seven. Nice. Just go for the bigger one, to begin with.

Shifting into the CEO Role

One of the things that have shifted moving into CEO is that my level of thinking bigger has expanded. I’ve had a few things in mind to do the past couple of years, but we weren’t ready only because we didn’t have the systems in place to expand.

You have to know what every team member’s responsibilities are to execute your plan correctly. Poor execution happens, and I don’t want to be that person.

That’s messed up perfectionism.

This is basic, and it’s not perfection.

Thinking in terms of expansion, I want to make a new hire, and we know whom the new team member is going to be.

How do we get a more solid sales team in place? What are events that we can do virtually? How are virtual events going to feed everything else? So it’s not like a random ass throwing spaghetti against the wall activity; you need to be strategic.

Our Responsibility to Make Money and Create Change

For those of us who have the ability, we also have the responsibility to make money to give to causes to make the change.

Some are the front line, and there are those of us that will fund the front line.

Both are important as they both have a vital role to play in changing society for the better.

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