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Amanda Abella has been in digital marketing and entrepreneurship since 2010. She began her career as a content marketer and blogger who specialized in financial topics. Her client roster included Wells Fargo, Discover, TransUnion, Capital One, Progressive and more. In 2014 she self-published Make Money Your Honey which became an Amazon bestseller in Entrepreneurship and Budgeting. In 2016, she launched a podcast by the same name which is ranked Top 10% globally and has had guests like Gay Hendricks, Elena Cardone, presidential advisors and many more. During that decade, she became known as one of the top Latina financial influencers.

In 2017, Amanda started teaching people how to build online businesses with a specialty in marketing and sales training. She’s since helped 3,000 businesses with her trainings and her clients on average increase their sales by up to 30% in 45 days. Many clients have achieved 80 to 90% closing ratios, have been featured in major media outlets and close multiple five-figure deals in a few weeks. Her work has been featured in over 400 TV, radio, YouTube and podcast interviews.

In 2023, Amanda along with her partner Justin Keltner started teaching businesses how to run sustainably using systems and automations to improve their marketing and sales, increase profits and help businesses run more efficiently. Their mission is to help business owners get their time back so they can make more while working less. Their work has allowed business owners to decrease their workload by 84% while simultaneously decreasing expenses and improving sales for higher profits in less time.

Amanda is passionate about lifestyle design, digital nomadism, freedom of choice and global citizenship. In between her travels she currently spends most of her time in Mexico with her partner Justin and their dog Daisy.