The future of AI in marketing

by Amanda Abella  - February 20, 2023

AI Marketing is here to stay and we’re just getting started! In this week’s video we’ll be discussing the future of AI in marketing. There are some really interesting things going on that are worth looking into if you are in business.

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Concerns About the Future of AI

As I scroll my social channels I see there are two different kinds of responses to ai in marketing.

The first response is excitement. Business owners are seeing the potential to increase their marketing output which leads to more visibility which leads to more customers. You can also now do this effectively at a fraction of the cost.

Others are not so excited. There are fears of AI replacing jobs (newsflash: it will absolutely replace jobs) and some even fear the general public will stop using their brains which could also very well be a consequence.

However, I’m viewing this as someone who runs a business and from that perspective, I’m finding far more pros than cons. Now let’s get into some of the predictions for AI in marketing in the future.

The Ability to Reduce Cognitive Load

This has perhaps been my favorite rate to use AI in marketing. As the owner of a sales training company I have a lot on my plate – marketing, training team, creating training programs, collaborating with referral partners, sales, etc. I don’t have all the time in the world and I certainly don’t want to waste my brain juice on things that don’t matter.

I’ve been able to use AI to reduce tasks that are repetitive and zap too much brain juice. For example, most of the videos on my YouTube channel are thanks to AI tools telling me what to do.

It doesn’t replace me – I’m still the one on video sharing my thoughts – but I’m no longer wasting time researching topics and ideas. It’s also made the editing fun and so much faster.

The ability to not waste creative energy on things that drain me then allows me to be more creative and innovative. In fact. my creativity has increased and my posts – particularly on Facebook – are getting more attention than ever.

It also allows me to focus more on what matters – being visibly, training team, sales and making connections.

The future of AI in marketing will probably find ways to further reduce cognitive load for business owners and teams a like.

Predictive Analytics

Experts are prediciting that the future of AI in marketing will include exceptional predictive analytics. The AI will be able to read data and predict consumer buying behaviors. From there it will tell businesses, marketing teams and sales teams exactly what to do. Businesses will also be able to use this to improve their systems and processes – automatically.

Better Advertising

The future of AI in marketing also includes better advertising. Imagine combining predictive analytics with better copy based on data the AI has collected. I’ve already tested some AI copywriting tools and while they are not perfect by any means, they are pretty good and I suspect they will only get better over time.

Again, this reduces cognitive load, is based on data points AND saves time and money. It’s definitely exciting for business.

Better Email Marketing Campaigns

Along the same lines as the future of ai in marketing including better advertising, it’s also predicted that it will help businesses create better email marketing campaigns. It’s no secret that the money is in the list. If you’re not regularly doing email marketing your business is dead in the water.

Now imagine if AI could predict consumer behaviors and then tell you exactly how to fix your campaigns to improve your sales. As someone who has written a lot – and I mean a lot – of email marketing campaigns in her day I must say I await the day it can do this. In fact, if it can do it for me even better.

The Future of AI in Marketing

We’re only just now seeing the beginning of AI in marketing. Who knows where this will take us in a few years. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section on the YouTube channel.

Also, don’t forget to download our free AI Marketing Resource Guide. I’ve put together all my favorite tools and video tutorials in one place for you.

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