The Audacity to Be Queen With Gina Devee

by Amanda Abella  - February 14, 2023

I have a REAL treat for you today!

Today I bring you one of the OGs of the industry whose work has changed the game for thousands of woman.

I have studied her from afar for many years and when I noticed a lot of my clients and colleagues were going through major transformations – from divorces to business breakups – I knew exactly who I wanted on this podcast to talk about how to transform.

Ladies and a few gentlemen, today we the original Queen, Gina Devee, on the podcast!

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Alright, so this interview with Gina may be one of the best I’ve ever done because she helped me have a massive aha moment about the difference between attracting money and actually receiving money.

We also talked about the intense few years we’ve all had that has led to a lot of break downs and how to breakthrough to the other side.

And, because my finance brain is intrigued by Gina’s story, we talked about how and why following unconventional financial advice actually helped her create more abundance.

It’s definitely a unique perspective and once she breaks it down you’re like “Oh! That makes COMPLETE sense!”

Of course, make sure to check out Gina’s book, The Audacity to Be Queen, which you will find in the show notes and make sure to check out for more on Gina.

Let’s dive in!


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