Resetting Your Nervous System and Using Your Period for Success with Kate Northrup

by Amanda Abella  - February 21, 2023

Today I bring you another  one of the OGs of the industry whose work has changed the game for thousands of woman.

I have been following this woman’s work for OVER a decade and seen her evolution from talking about money to know talking about more feminine ways of being productive.

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She also has personal development and helping women in her DNA because her mother is one of the pioneers of women’s health.

Ladies and a few gentlemen, today we Kate Northrup on the podcast and this episode is YUMMY!

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Okay so when I said a couple of weeks ago that the conversations on this podcast were getting deep, I wasn’t kidding. This episode is no different.

Now in full transparency, we recorded this month’s ago when I was still in the midst of some pretty big upheaval and transformation in my business and life. I was also still just getting acclimated with some of the concepts we talk about in this episode. So now listening back to it brings an ENTIRELY new light and perspective and it’s EVEN better.

Here’s what we covered:

Creating a sense of safety and security via results versus learning how to signal to our bodies that we are safe

The difference between mindset strategies versus working with the body to feel safe

Why do sometimes we can have a big expansion only to go into extreme contraction and what to do about it

The importance of ancestral work and the study of epigenetics and trauma.

A cyclical way of being Productive and successful – including how to use your period to plan your life which is a GAME CHANGER


Resources mentioned in this podcast:

Kate Northrup

Persuade to Profit


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