The Fast Five Book Recommendations for Small Business Entrepreneurs

by Amanda Abella  - April 26, 2022

People often ask me what I’m reading in the business book genre other than my own book! So today, I’m sharing my five best entrepreneurship books for 2022! These books have really helped me and my team get it together as we build a seven-figure business.

First Entrepreneur Book Recommendation 

The first book I’d recommend is Rocket Fuel by Gino Wickman and Mark C. Winters. What I really liked about this book is that it helped me and my team realize that my role as CEO is the visionary, whom, which I found out, are not that great at details. In fact, it was pretty liberating to find out that I didn’t have to look over tiny details.

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And that’s OK because the team member who will watch over your details is an integrator. That’s your number two, who helps you execute your vision. Now that I know my role isn’t looking over the details, now I can focus on the vision, creativity, strategy, and where we are going.

Book Recommendation #2 for Business Owners

The second book I’d recommend to read if you are a small business owner is The Big Leap by Gay Hendrix. I have read this book multiple times. Whenever I am leveling up in my business, I find my upper limit problem arises and recycles in my head. So here I go, self-sabotaging the situation. Every time I had a big breakthrough this year, there was some level of sabotage!

However, because I’ve read The Big Leap multiple times and I interviewed Gay Hendrix on my podcast, I knew exactly what was going on in my head. Then I could be aware of this negative mindset, stop that train of thought, and take action! I could pivot very quickly and make the best decisions for my business. If you have not checked out that episode, listen in here!

Another Business Book Club Recommendation

The third book is The Leveraged Business by Fabian Fredrickson, who I also interviewed on the podcast. This book is the manual for taking your business from six figures to seven figures.

In fact, when I interviewed Fabian, I wished that I had found this book years ago! This book was so great that I wrote notes all over the pages. And I recently mailed my note-taking copy off to someone who really needed this book.

Her book details the eight activators you need to take your business to seven figures. A key takeaway I learned from Fabian’s book is that everybody in my business and yours needs to be responsible for growing the business and bringing in revenue. That was a huge revelation! And one of the big focus points I keep in mind as I manage and grow a team.

Book Recommendation #4 for Small Business

The fourth book is Clockwork by Mike Michalowicz. He is also the author who wrote Profit First. Clockwork was especially good for me because this book showed me how to organize the back end of my business. Thanks to Mike’s book, we’ve really nailed down a lot of systems and processes! In addition, Clockwork also helped me realize that I am what Mike calls the “Queen B Role.”

This basically comes down to ‘I’m the CEO.’ And with that role comes great responsibility! Because there are specific tasks that are my responsibility as CEO of my company. For example, being on video is a task that I have to do as the head of my company. No one else will have the same effect on video as the CEO.

And what everybody else needs to do inside your business is protect your Queen B Role. At some point, you cannot be all things to everyone. You’ll need to put those systems and processes in place to sit on your Queen B throne. Now that I” m sitting in my CEO seat, I can get done what I need to focus on.

This book also highlighted that I need some freaking time to think like a CEO! Hence, the use of precious downtime lets your brain conjure creative ideas that move a company forward. Knowing this, I gave myself permission to take Fridays off to focus on coming up with ideas to move my company forward. This move was such a game-changer because this is how I’ve come up with a lot of really awesome ideas for MMYH!

The Final Book Recommendations for Small Business Entrepreneurs

My fifth and final book recommendation for small business owners is the book that if you could only pick one book, it needs to be this one! No matter what stage of business you are in at this moment, this book will help your business grow. Sell or Be Sold by Mr. Grant Cardone and who I have not had on the podcast yet, but if you are listening to the podcast and can make that happen, please connect me!

His book completely shifted my mind on making sales correctly and changed my life! I remember reading this book on a weekend a few years ago. I specifically remember the book talking about people taking too long to get to the sale.

In this book, he teaches you how to execute an idea and sell it. I had an idea for something on a Sunday while reading Grant’s book. By Monday, I was closing people on my new offer. Sell or Be Sold really changes your mind on how you’re supposed to think about sales and what they are in your business.

My whole team is reading this book to shift their mindsets on sales. Because the truth is, if you’re not selling, you don’t have a business.

Make sure to head over to my social media and watch the video, so you can learn how to build a business that brings in $40,000 in new revenue every single golden month!

Let me know which of these books you have read in the comments below!

As always, make sure to go out and make money, your honey!


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