How to Follow Up After Your Discovery Call

by Amanda Abella  - April 19, 2022

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So you just got off a call with a potential client, and you’re wondering, how do I follow up after my discovery call?

I’ve got you covered because I’ll show you step-by-step how to follow up after your successful discovery call with your new lead.

What is a Discovery Call?

Your discovery call is the conversation you have with a potential client to see whether or not you two are a good fit to work together and see whether you can close the sale and move them into the client category. Now, if you move through one of these calls well, you know that you are asking for the sale by the end of the call.
Unfortunately, not everybody asks for the sale in their discovery call, but that’s OK. Here are five different discovery call scenarios and how to follow up with each scenario.

Different Ways to Ask for Your Sale in Your Follow-Up Discovery Call

Scenario number one is you did ask for the sale. You’ve sent them the invoice that is still unpaid, and you’re not sure why they aren’t moving forward. They are nowhere to be found.

You have to follow up with this type of potential client consistently. However, you’ll need different follow-up avenues, and you want to focus on urgency because urgency closes sales!

For example, you could say that you have limited spots available. Or that you’re starting your program next week. You need to create urgency, so they understand there isn’t an unlimited amount of time to pay your invoice.

Scenario number two is that you sent a proposal. So here’s how I feel about proposals – I think they’re garbage. You need to create an offer where you can close a sale immediately without the need for a proposal. For example, if you were to join us in Persuade to Profit, I’m not going back and forth with proposals; that’s entirely off the table. How can you solve their problem without going back and forth with the proposal? You could substitute the proposal with an order form with a sales page or send an invoice.

Scenario three is when the lead said a statement that they need more information. Again, this I consider an objection because they’re trying to get rid of you. But, again, there’s a way of handling this type of objection.

What to Say for Your Discover Call Follow-up

You need to be consistent with your follow-up and stay on top of your new leads! Of course, this is easier said than done with a small business, but if you want to land the sale, you need great follow-up.

In addition to consistency, you’ll want to add a few key phrases or starters to your follow-up content. For example, you can say that you found an article and that editorial made you think of your prospective lead.

Creative Ways to Follow up with Your Discovery Call

You have to develop innovative ways to really follow up with people. What will spark their interest in working with you? How can you follow up with your lead that will make the connection and close the sale?

Depending on what they do, we have clients that snail mail works to close the sale. We also have a client who helps people write their books and get them out. So an excellent follow-up for her is to send a copy of her book, so they physically see her book in their hands. Then, of course, they immediately want to have that same option: send someone a book they’ve written.

Do you have another scenario that works well for closing your sales? Drop it in the comments! And if you have a question about this topic in the comments, I will be more than happy to help!

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