How to Use LinkedIn Navigator to Land Sales

by Amanda Abella  - May 3, 2022

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You’ve probably thought about using LinkedIn for business. You have wondered how to make money on the platform, especially when your message or inbox is full of messages. Get ready because I’m gonna be sharing the best LinkedIn outreach script that will make you money today!

Why Spray and Pray Messaging Doesn’t Work for Creating Sales

The spray and pray method pulls up a random list and sends everybody the same generic message. You can’t do that if you want to close sales. With sales, you need to learn how to be strategic, so you don’t waste your valuable time. Who is your target audience? Who do you need to talk to? Who do you help?

LinkedIn now has this cool feature called sales navigator, which helps you pull up specific target audience lists. So if you don’t have a sales navigator account, I would recommend getting one because the search filters can pinpoint your target audience, so you can dial down to who you want to send your message to. Then you can customize a message based on your filters.

Make Sure to Ask Questions in Your Sales Pitch When You Use LinkedIn Navigator

Asking questions and listening are two vital sales components that many people don’t do enough in their business. In addition to asking questions, you want your questions to be relevant.

Your questions should give answers for you to know whether or not you can help this person. This is known as prequalifying your lead.

Prequalifying Your Lead on LinkedIn

You need to know whether or not the person you are sending your message to through LinkedIn Navigator has problems that you can solve. And you also need to know whether or not they have the means to pay you for your services.

In addition, you want to make people feel like they have been listened to when you answer their questions. All you should be doing is listening to them and solving their problems.

Moving to Your Sales Call After Messaging on LinkedIn

At this point, if you’ve prequalified them and you’ve determined that they’re a good fit, then your next move is to secure a time for a sales call, preferably the same day.

A basic script says, “My company helps people solve this exact problem. Do you have about 20 minutes this afternoon so I can show you exactly how we do that?” Most people will say yes. Now I know that in the online business space, this is like, oh, what do you mean I have to make a sales call?

Yes, you do need to make sales calls. And I know that there are Facebook ads right now, literally telling people that they don’t need to talk to anybody for high ticket sales that cost thousands of dollars. I’m here to tell you that is not true. The bigger the deal gets, the more you will need to talk to somebody. In addition, what they’re not telling you in those ads is how much money that company is spending on paid marketing to make those numbers work. You need to get them on the phone or via zoom call, which is much more cost-effective.

There are interesting statistics on the value and efficacy of talking to people directly, either on the phone or zoom; here are some statistics.

Sixty-two percent of buyers say that they would rather talk to someone on the phone when they’re trying to solve a problem. Phone calls are five to 10 times more effective than email marketing. I know many of you are frustrated with your email marketing right now. If you have lower conversion rates with your email marketing, pick up the phone and help them solve their problem. In addition, between 30 to 50% of the market share goes to the first person who calls the potential client.

Pick up the phone, get them on the phone! I do this in my business, and last month, we had our first six-figure month! We made $107,000 in revenue last month! So we took our sales out of emails and to the phone.

Find out how vital picking up the phone can be! Make a list of five people you’re going to contact this week, give them a call, track your progress on a spreadsheet and see how you can close more sales when you talk to someone!

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