The Block that Keeps Women from Earning Money – Part 2

by Amanda Abella  - March 24, 2020

In the previous episode I talked about things we do that keep us from earning money. In Part 2, I give you ways to remove those blocks.

Ask For Help

The reason we don’t like to ask for help is because we don’t trust our own ability to make money. The reason you don’t trust yourself to make money to invest in help is because you don’t know how to make money. Many people take time out of their day to write a book, however; you should create your high price point product first and then base the book off your product. Use the book to funnel people into your product that makes good money.

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Many of my clients over-complicate their situation and create the small dollar items first because they don’t want to invest in the bigger dollar items as they are afraid they will  lose money. I’m going to tell you what’s worse than losing money, losing time. Most likely you are already wasting both time and money by not investing in your high dollar product.

You also block your abundance and financial blessings because you’re not investing in help because you don’t believe in your ability to make money. Your financial models are not set up to make yourself money. Your focus is in all the wrong places and your money has been allotted in all the wrong places.


Invest Time and Money In Mentorship

Invest your time and money in mentorship. Find a mentor to help you with evergreen funnels and systems to take the things in your company that already work to scale and optimize them. Instead of over-complicating your life, be confident in making investments in yourself.


I Don’t Have Thousands of Dollars To Invest

Many of you may be under the assumption that you need to have money sitting in your bank account in cash before you can make an investment.  Entrepreneurs usually use a credit card and then hustle their way to go find the money to pay off their debt. They also could have made a commitment without knowing how they were going to pay off their debt, but decided to do a payment plan and hustled until their plan worked out.

Oftentimes you make investments as a leap of faith without necessarily knowing exactly what source your money is going to come back from. There’s two elements in play: number one, you don’t trust yourself and your ability to make money and number two, you don’t believe we live in an abundant universe that wants to support you on your path. Fix these two pain points and I promise you’ll see a difference in your financial world. You’ll see yourself hit your business goals and the universe will support you.


Why You Like To Stay Small

We are creatures of habit who like to say the same and do the same activities. You like to stay small because you don’t trust in your ability to go bigger. You don’t trust you’re going to be supported in going bigger. You’ll need a leap of faith to expand yourself and for the universe to support you because the universe is constantly expanding. We live in a very abundant universe that wants to support you in your mission and in your purpose. I understand why it’s difficult to believe this because we live in a society where everybody likes to complain about how freaking broke they are and they like to blame other people for why they are broke.

If you want to be rich and abundant, you have to be hyper vigilant of what is going on in your own mind with your own goals and focus on staying in your own lane.  The reality is the world we live in is going to try to beat your dreams out of you. Life is not fair, but you can make a choice to be in the correct mindset to move yourself forward.

These concepts are a huge blockage for women. If you’re in a position where you want to start working on getting ahead and you’re done with scraping by or not receiving income that you deserve, come join me. Get ready to uplevel and take you and your business to the next step. Create a brand that will give you abundance. I invite you to come into Persuade To Profit.


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