The Block that Keeps Women from Earning Money – Part 1

by Amanda Abella  - March 17, 2020

Women and Societal Conditioning

We hear, “Another day, another dollar” and “An honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay.”. We hear these quotes from a young age from our parents and others. In addition to these money beliefs, women have an added layer of drawback, which is known as perfectionism. We have to have everything perfectly figured out before we’re able to create the abundance we desire in our lives. I know this all too well as I’m recovering under earner. The struggle to escape this mindset and create a new journey for me correlates to this example. The scary part is, when I’m not paying attention, they come up and start destroying my business and attempt to sabotage me.

Not Having Money Isn’t Your Issue

The issue is not that you don’t have enough money, the real problem is that you have to unlearn all the bullshit you’ve been taught about why you don’t have enough money and why you never will. Once you start learning how to shift your mindset, the opportunities show up. You start becoming more resourceful, getting money, and making ideas happen.

Figure Out What’s Important to Make Your Money Flow

I had created this strategy for 2020 and 2021. I wanted to take Persuade to Profit to the next level, add live events, hire salespeople. This was a great strategy; however, I realized this wasn’t the strategy for me. I felt anxious and stressed out as I could not see how I was going to get these goals checked off and finished before Fin Con.

I wanted money to come into my life, but I wanted my goals to feel right. I kept thinking, “ease and flow, ease and flow.” I worked on my mindset because I believed that I wasn’t stepping up enough. Then I called the person I was coaching yesterday, and 24 hours later, I realized I was doing the same thing at a different stage in my business.

She was at a point where she was turning to create courses to scale, and she thought that she couldn’t charge good money for that, or reach the goals that she wanted until she did all these extra blog posts, launch emails and social posts. She was looking to do a large amount of work before she could realize abundance.

While you need to market yourself, you first need to create a product that solves people’s problems. Make sure to use backward design – create the product, then use social media, email, and content to bring people to your product. I was traveling down the same path in a different stage of my company. I took the wrong way because every once in a while, I unconsciously operate under the assumption that making money and having abundance in my life needs to be complicated.

Pause and Reflect On Your Actions

I realized I was treading down the same path as my client and wanted to fix my path. I was meditating and realized I have everything I need. I have a product, social proof, and testimonials. I have marketing and branding and funnels and backup support on my team.

What I needed to take for my next step is to decide what’s already working and optimize and scale – not create extra work. With this realization, the anxiety went away, and I knew I was on the right track. I felt my mind and body relax – it’s so freeing to change your mindset. Also, I realized I don’t need to create oodles of products, just a few excellent products which people want and need.

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