Birthday Episode – 3 Lessons

by Amanda Abella  - March 31, 2020

Best Lessons I’ve Learned Since Last Year

I started with a birthday post of one lesson I learned for each year of my life. At 25, I gave 25 lessons I’ve learned in 25 years. I’m 32 now, and to list 32 lessons would be too much for one blog. To distill my lessons, I’m going to give you the main lessons that I’ve learned since my last birthday.


Delegating Work and Letting Others Step Up

My biggest lessons are around the team and being a leader. For some reason, this concept seemed different in my mind. When I decided to train my team, I had to learn how to allow people to step up for me.

I never expected people to step up, to be honest. I never expected people would want to go hard for me like that. When people started stepping up, I was resisting that someone would want to go hard for me.

I’ve always felt like I had to do everything alone, albeit rugged individualism. After ten years of building a company on my own, I had to allow people to step up for me, and at the beginning of 2019, it was tough. There were lots of things that didn’t work out. That started shifting on March 31st of 2019. After that first quarter, delegating started to shift, and we began to see some progress.


Allowing Others to Step Into Sales Roles

This past year, I’m allowing people who’ve been on my team for quite some time to step up into sales roles—seeing their fire getting my programs in the hands of people who could benefit from my programs.


Being OK With Enjoying My Work

I would say another big lesson that I’ve had in the last year is finally being OK with the fact that I am incredibly ambitious and that sometimes I like to work weekends. I don’t work weekends out of necessity because I don’t have to work weekends anymore. I enjoy what I do. Many people in the workforce that they loved what they do so much that they enjoyed work every day. And here I am complaining when in reality, loving my work is a beautiful thing.


Be Nicer to Me

I’ve learned to stop being hard on myself for not being normal. I used to be hard on myself because I was so ambitious and I thought that was wrong. I am energetic, wanting to publish books, change people’s lives, to change my life. I don’t see many other people wanting to go big. I found myself having a hard time relating to people. Before I met my friends on the internet, I found myself having a hard time relating to people. I’m now in my thirties, and I realize most people are conditioned to be average.


Go For My Goals

I’m looking at one of my goals right now, it’s $155,000 in sales per month. I don’t exactly know how we’re going to make this goal. I’m energetically feeling my way into how I’m going to make this new goal happen. I’m trying this process as my new standard. Last year I said my new standard is having a full time assistant. I don’t know how I’m going to pay for a full-time assistant, but that’s my new standard, and it has to work out, and when we worked out hiring an assistant, I built a new standard.


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