Your New Money Mindset Foundation, with Harriette Hale – Part 2

by Amanda Abella  - January 26, 2021

Four Main Fears which Cause Debt Shame

There’s a lot of guilt and shame around the idea of debt. Here are four common types of situations that people experience that result in feeling guilt or shame associated with holding debt.

Fear #1 scenario comes from creating investments that did not give you a return or that you’ve lost money.

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Fear #2 is when you’ve invested money to get your business off the ground or in your personal relationship, and you didn’t get the results that you expected.

The third group of people has been in massive amounts of debt; we’re able to dig themselves out and now ride the struggle bus. They’re terrified of making investments, moving forward, and trusting themselves because they don’t want to be in that position again, as their previous experience was monetarily traumatic.

The fourth group of people is where I had my debt shame grounded. I was raised with the idea that debt is the devil, and you must avoid debt at all costs.

Why Conscious Debt is Good For You

For Harriette, there’s a few significant aspects that cause debt, guilt, and shame. What shifted her relationship with debt realized the difference between consumer debt and conscious debt.

“Getting yourself into debt because you want the fancy holiday or nice shoes that you maybe shouldn’t be buying right now is the selfish, short term short-sighted debt. Then there’s conscious debt, which you spend $14,000 working with a wealth consciousness expert for 90 days.” She reminds us that the intention behind debt is the most critical factor.

Debt is NOT a Four-Letter Word

We’ve all been conditioned to believe that debt is a dirty word and that it comes with a plethora of negative connotations. What we need to keep in mind is that debt is another form of currency and abundance.

Debt can be used to create tangible and physical for us in our personal and business endeavors.

Debt for the Purpose of Collapsing Timelines

People are terrified to expand now and use the fear of debt as an excuse to put off the inevitable, to slow themselves down completely, or as an excuse to not step out of their comfort zone.

When considering going into debt, an important part of moving through this process is, to be honest with yourself. Look at the possibilities in front of you; if there’s credit available to you and it can help you get what you want right now, take it! Move forward past the fear with conscious abundance and evolution at your back.

Committing to Debt from a Conscious Space

Committing to taking the credit, investing the cash, or leaping to expand your business from a conscious space will help facilitate the human, emotional, and physical experience. Harriette comments, “When we take on debt from this perspective, we contribute to the collective consciousness, which is the second reason we’re all here.” Moving through this process helps her become the divine expression through the human filter. “If you’re going into debt for self-improvement, self-development, self-healing, trauma healing, business investment, then you can bet your bottom dollar that’s exactly what you need.”

When you come into debt through this journey, your result is always abundance. Even if you invest in coaches and perhaps don’t get the results you want, you may have received the results you needed. There’s always lessons to learn when we don’t get what we want.

Instead of Asking for What You Want, Ask for What You Need

Whether you use manifestation or the law of attraction, there’s no guarantee you will get what you want, but there is a guarantee you will get what you need. Your journey may take you down the path of your right and responsibility to abundance. When you are moving through your adventure, you’ll find there are lessons to be learned.

We need to learn along the way to have a human, physical, emotional experience. Sometimes our experience needs to be failing or not getting what we want, but that experience doesn’t mean we’ve suddenly lost our worthiness in using credits to collapse time. We are always worthy of cash, abundance, and we are always worthy of using credit to collapse the timeline so that we can bring the abundance in now.

Don’t Copy Online Gurus – Do Your Own Thing

People make a common mistake to emulate online gurus, such as Instagram influencers who promote luxurious lifestyles. Viewers perceive that you have to have that lifestyle to be happy. I need to buy the shoes or that handbag, and we’ll do the super preppy branding shoe, or stay at a five-star hotel, eat in that restaurant because that’s what happiness is.

Be Your Brand of Abundance

Harriette talks about her version of abundance. “What’s my version of abundance? I spoke to my bank manager yesterday because we’re getting a new house. I’m talking to him about the mortgage, and he was like, ‘hurry up, your spending habits are insane.'”

“I was like, yeah, but Sam, you know I want it, I’ll make money. And he wants to know if I’m playing with his mind! People around me know that I am extravagant, but that’s my version of abundance. I’ve got clients who aren’t even remotely interested in the fancy designers, handbags, and shoes because they’re in a vegetable patch.”

These are clients, Harriette explains, that want four or five acres of land minus neighbors. They don’t want to hear cars or airplanes. They want time and space because that’s their abundance. These folks desire a library in their house, full of old books.

“I’m like, babe, whatever floats your boat, you get to have it, but it’s got to be yours. “She encourages people to go after their true desires. Otherwise, you end up following somebody else’s path, and that won’t lead to your happiness or satisfaction.

Where to Place Your Guilt or Shame After Your Expensive Purchase

Here is a good place to put your guilt and shame after you’ve bought yourself that pair of shoes or put your head in an expensive hotel – who the fuck are you not to stand up, show up, glow up and be an invitation for other women also to ditch the shame and step into whom they are destined to be?

“DO NOT allow guilt and shame to infiltrate your energy and have these feelings become responsible for not going bigger, harder, and more glamorous. We have a responsibility as women in the Aquarian Age to stand up, show up, glow up, radiate the fuck out of who we are, because we are the women that will change the world.”

Harriette explains that the patriarchy of the past broke our spirit. “The ones who rebuild our spirit are the strong, brave women who are literally coming back from being burned at the stake. It was only a few generations ago that men were burning women due to their dominance of our gender. Being magical fucking humans, this is our time to reclaim that magic and that Palla, we have a right and responsibility to abundance.”

When you don’t own your abundance, you’re breaking the law. Remove your guilt and shame, move forward, and claim your abundance. Energy needs to flow through the path of least resistance. Since we have all been raised in a world that operates on duality. Duality needs to exist for purposes such as the patriarchal paradigm to thrive. These ways can only thrive with our division. When we are divided as a human race, as a couple, sex, species, gender, culture, and community, these factions can exist and thrive.


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