Manifesting Money Fast: How I Manifested $25K In 7 Days Using The Law of Assumption

by Amanda Abella  - June 24, 2022

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Over the years I have tended to shy away from talking about spiritual principles and mindset techniques like the Law of Assumption. Reason being there is a lot of insanity on the internet. However, after building a multi six-figure business, coaching hundreds of women business owners on sales and coaching my own sales team – I realized it’s time to talk mindset. So in this video, we’re discussing the Law of Assumption and how I used it to create $25,000 in seven days.

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What Is The Law of Assumption?

The Law of Assumption comes from Neville Goddard’s Power of Awareness (fantastic book by the way!)) The Law States that your reality is dictated by what you assume about yourself and the world. The idea is as follows:

If you assume you’re going to have money, then you will.

If you assume you are lovable, then you will experience love.

If you assume things will work out for you, they typically do.

What does the Law of Assumption have to do with sales and business?

Everything. One of the biggest issues I see in my company when we do sales coaching is the assumption that money is hard to make, rich people are greedy, that the person selling isn’t worthy of making money, etc. In other words, most people assume money is hard and they also assume they aren’t worthy of making money.

Now, this is basic. The truth is it can go a lot deeper. For example, I recently learned that I had a subconscious story that if I made money easily that would make me a bad person. This came from childhood programming where I would get into trouble constantly for finding more efficient ways to do things or avoiding extra work whenever possible.  So, as an adult, whenever I struggled to make money it’s because somewhere in my mind I assumed I was going to get into trouble for it.

How to Use The Law of Assumption in Sales

Below you’ll find some basic techniques on how to start using the Law of Assumption to manifest money fast.

Assume The Sale

There is a saying in sales that says assume the sale. This means I go into every sales interaction assuming I’m getting something out of it. It could be money, a referral, an appointment – whatever! The point is I’m getting something. Most women coaches go into sales situations assuming the opposite. They assume it’s going to be extraordinarily difficult and no one is going to want to talk to them.

Detach From The Outcome

I get results when I’m not attached and having fun. The minute I start trying to control or stressing out, things get increasingly more difficult. We have to practice detaching from the outcome and getting in the spirit of loving the things that we do.

Assume a New State of Being

What happens to a lot of us is we try to identify with a new way of being and our ego tries to take us out. It starts asking “How dare you?” and brings up all the stories about why you’re not going to make money.

A trick I taught my team is to use alter egos. You have your Higher Self who knows they are safe and everything is going to work out. You can also name the part of yourself that tries to control. That way you can start to witness the controlling behavior instead of getting wrapped up in it.


The Law of Assumption is a powerful mindset technique you can use to generate more money in your business. Stay tuned for another video where we will have a deeper breakdown of the concept.

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