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by Amanda Abella  - June 24, 2022



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I recently posted a blog about the Law of Assumption and how to use it in your business. In this blog post, we’re going to talk about another law you need to know about for your business – the Law of Expectancy.

Whereas the Law of Assumption states you get what you are, the Law of Expectancy states you get what you expect. With the Law of Expectancy you are going to get exactly what you expect.

The Law of Expectancy At Work

Here’s an interesting story to illustrate it for you. My team was recently struggling with booking sales presentations. Meanwhile, I would make phone calls or send messages for an hour and book myself solid for a week.

Now, as a CEO and basically a sales manager for my business I, of course, start asking questions. I asked my team what they were expecting when they started their sales tasks for the day. Here’s what I learned:

They expected it would take them three times as much work to get the same result as me. In other words, whereas I expect to make money easy, they were expecting it to be hard. Naturally, we were seeing two different results in the marketplace.

I taught them the Law of Expectancy, they started practicing it and within three days they closed a $5,000 sale that came to them. They didn’t even have to go out looking for that sale. The client texted them and wanted to buy.

Law of Expectancy Tips

Here are some of the ways you can start using the Law of Expectancy in your life and your business.

Pay attention to the things you already expect.

You expect the sun to rise and set each day. You expect the earth is going to stay in it’s orbit. You expect to wake up in the morning. Money, being an energy, is no different. If you expect it and do what is required of you – it comes.

Take the right action with the expectation that it will work.

In order to make money easy and the Law of Expectancy to work, you need to take the right actions and expect them to work. Many of you have had issues with taking lots of training programs and aren’t getting results. When I start asking questions I find out most people half expect it not to work and then as such self sabotage and don’t implement action.


Visualize and expect good things to happen to you every day. Visualization is an extremely power tool and it’s free! Try this exercise:

Before going into work write down what you would like to do that day. Set the expectation for your day.

Let go of control.

When you’re overly controlling and have so much energy toward something, that’s not you expecting something to happen. Instead, that’s you trying to control the situation because you don’t expect it’s going to happen. In order for the Law of Expectancy to work, you have to detach from the outcome.


We’re going to be teaching our clients a lot more about mindset in our upcoming trainings. Learn more about our sales training program here.


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