You Can Make Money in Any Economy

by Amanda Abella  - August 11, 2020

Money is All Around Us

There’s always money all around us that changes direction every day. Even now, in the worst of circumstances, money is available.

You may be struggling in business from allowing the craziness of the world to get to you. Or maybe your business model isn’t working as a result of the pandemic. Perhaps you lost your job, and you don’t have another job lined up.

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I know many of you who are reading this blog might not be in a good position right now. However, there are still people making money, and you can create income as well. No matter what economic climate, there is an opportunity to bring in cash. I want to give you some tips to get into that mindset. Start finding solutions to your income issues.


Predicting Wealth

My intuition tells me we’re probably going to see one of the most significant wealth grabs ever on the other side of the pandemic. I think that land is going to be a hot commodity grab but only for people who’ve positioned themselves to be ready to buy.

History shows us that when there’s like a massive economic crunch, the reflex is an enormous creation of wealth on the flip side. Start getting out of your financial funk that you may be in or heading towards and prepare for the brighter side of business.


Positive Programming

I do not want this to be confused with toxic positivity. I am not a fan of toxic positivity and coaches who say that everything is always fine because that is not reality. I’m well aware the world is on fire, which is why positive programming is the proper mindset.

Positive programming involves protecting my energy and not engaging in the negative bullshit on the internet. This also entails staying away from news 24/7. Do I need to know what’s going on in the world? Yes! However, I’m not going to put the news on or open up the news app on my phone whenever I have downtime to read what is going on in the world. I choose to consume specific content that is beneficial to my mental outlook.

I’m replacing all the shitty stuff going on with more positive elements. I’m creating positive material such as creating more content, producing YouTube videos, and working on publishing a second book. Using my energy to connect more with others is also a part of positive programming.


Get Into the Right Groups

Get into the right groups online. I needed to find new networking groups, new business groups, hobby groups, and new spiritual groups online since I couldn’t meet in physical space. It became very obvious to me whom I needed to be with when the pandemic hit.

Listen, this is similar to Jumanji? It’s winning or perishes times right now. Pick which boat you’re going to be on right now. Do you want to sail in the ship full of the winners or the ship full of the losers?


Shift to a Win-Win Attitude

I’m a win, no matter what, even if I feel like shit right now. I’m going to win. This was a difficult mindset to achieve. It took a while to find different groups to join and to realize that the world wasn’t going to blow up. I just needed to shift my groups and my perspective.

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