Overcoming Rejection in Sales – Part II

by Amanda Abella  - August 4, 2020

My Obsession with Sales

I’m obsessed with sales because the sales process changed my life so much!

When I started, I had no idea what I was doing, and I wasn’t very good at closing.

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Once I understood how to have that conversation, ask for money, negotiate, and deal with objections, I could then successfully close the sale. I do believe this is an essential skill set that will move you forward in your business.


Fear of Rejection and Sales

The fear of rejection is one of the most common concerns we have as human beings. When you don’t have proper sales training and practice, this fear can grow and consume you, stifling your sales income.

Get sales training and step into the sales mindset. Practice and have proper expectations of the amount of work you’ll have to put into your sales training because making easy sales isn’t going to happen overnight. Once you learn the sales skill set and practice your new skills, and once sales become easy and fun!


Rejection is Part of the Sales Game

I realized that rejection is part of the sales game, and this is a skill set you can always improve. Once you progress through the process of rejection, and not take that rejection personally, then it becomes easier to bounce back and get selling again.

Even though I’m very experienced at sales, I still get rejections, negative comments and trolls coming after me on social media. I always get emails from people where they’re pissed off. I don’t let these negative comments bother me. When people tell me I’m too aggressive, then I know that person isn’t a good fit for my program. Let go of people who are throwing negative vibes your way; these are people who don’t understand your brand and aren’t a good fit for your tribe.


Selling Feels Awkward

Anytime you are working through a learning process, you don’t quite know what you are doing or how to execute correctly. Similar to riding a bike, you’re going to wobble, fall over, and sometimes scrape your knee. You may even be falling over the place! That’s a good learning process that everyone, even experienced salespeople, has gone through at the beginning of their sales training. Initially, you won’t be very good at sales until you’ve learned the tools you need to sell and practice, practice, practice!


Take Time to Learn How to Sell

Another typical part of learning the sales process is also to take a step back. Maybe you are building out systems or training people. You may have to take two or three months away from selling. Then when you return to sales, you’ll need to relaunch. Creating time for a ramp-up period and making sure everybody is on the same page for sales and company goals.


Be OK With Your Style

Accept who you are and what your brand represents. Being who you are is authentic. Changing who you are to fit someone else’s comments or expectations isn’t expressing your real you! I’m OK with me and my style. I can accept that rejection is a part of the process.


Are You Aggressive, Assertive, or Passive?

Many people don’t understand the difference between being aggressive, assertive, and passive. I give sales lessons to distinguish between being passive, aggressive, and assertive.

Part of what screws people up in sales is that they’re afraid to excuse being assertive. They fear that their assertive attitude will be portrayed as an aggressive salesperson. Next, they become passive and let people walk all over them. They don’t have the sale, and their self-esteem took a huge blow.

The reason most people that get upset with me is because I’m assertive and delivering what they need to know without candy-coating the message. These entrepreneurs usually have an issue with boundaries.

I tell my platinum clients when you’re in sales, you’re learning to become a social scientist. Going through the sales process gives you many opportunities to notice the weird patterns and behaviors of humans. At a point in your journey of sales, you get used to human behavior, and then these patterns won’t trigger you anymore. They will roll off your back, and you won’t be bothered by or emotionally charged by what others will say to you when you’re selling.


Understand Your Sales Prospects Before Your Initial Sales Call

Do your homework, look up your prospective buyer and find out as much information about them before your first call or contact. Understand your prospects better. When you know more about others, you’ll be better equipped to handle their rejections and excuses, as silly or contrite as they may seem.

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