How To Work Smart Instead of Hard

by Amanda Abella  - August 18, 2020

Work and money are reasonably straightforward

Your brain may really want to fight this, especially if you have programming in your mind that says you have to work hard to get money. We’ve been conditioned to believe that making money is very difficult. We’ve been conditioned to think that the harder you work, the more hours you put in, the more money you’re going to make. That’s not true. I’ve been in situations where I’ve hustled my behind like crazy, and I was making less money than I am now.

We’re all taught that if making money is easy, then you must have compromised your values or ethics to get that money. Maybe you’re a sleazeball, or you’ve scammed people to make all that money. This isn’t the case for everyone that makes money. And I know I have personally struggled with that in the past.

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You can make money easily and have integrity. You don’t have to compromise your values or belief system to make seven figures. Know that you aren’t a bad person if it’s easy for you to make money, even if it’s not so easy for other people to make more income.


Be Strategic When Planning Your Business

How can the process of making money be more pleasurable? How can there be a consistent money flow? Making money is incredibly easy when you find new, strategic ways to earn cash, so you don’t have to work so damn hard.

Did you know you can literally make money in your sleep? Passive income creates money coming in even when you aren’t working. You can achieve this through investors or a business built through affiliate marketing or funnels.

Making money strategically is smart. It’s easier now than ever but does require work upfront. If you’re going to sacrifice one to five years to create passive income, you’ll need to position yourself to work smart and make good money.


My New Money Mantra

My new mantra is: I want to work easy and smart because I’ve worked too hard for long enough. I’ve been leaning into this philosophy, even when it makes me uncomfortable. I seek out smarter ways of working; I gain confidence and get more strategic about money. At this point, the money starts flowing more fluidly.


Why Your Business Income isn’t Consistent

Are you in a business where you make money here and there, but it’s not consistent? Part of the reason it’s not consistent is that you don’t have a system or process in place that can be easily repeated to make workflow more predictable. Figure out your first basic system and structure by joining a Persuade to Profit program.


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