Live Training – Part 1

by Amanda Abella  - March 3, 2020

Especially For Fellow Female Business Owners

My fellow female business owners, this one is especially for you; however, this information does apply to all business owners. I want to tell you about a business epidemic that I see more and more as I coach my clients.

Money Doesn’t Matter. Or Does It?

Who’s going to say they don’t want money? Everybody wants more money.

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I had two instances this week where I was speaking with women business owners who were telling me the same old story of perfectionism. “It’s wrong for me to want money.” “I feel so guilty.” “Oh, I have just enough money to live. I’m okay.” “Well, I’m a really good person, so money doesn’t matter to me.” The same old bullshit.

When I hear people say money doesn’t matter to them, what they are doing is rationalizing in their minds why they don’t have more money because they feel bad for wanting more money. The other type of person who says money doesn’t matter are people who’ve already made their millions and don’t have a need to make money because they already possess money. The people who’ve already made their millions and say money doesn’t matter, but money still matters to them. However, they’re thinking about money on a different level because, at that point, they’re starting to think about legacy, impact, and how they are going to leave their mark before they die.


The Money Mindset

While in a conversation with a client, I asked her how much she earned as a freelance writer last year, and she completely shut down. You need to be comfortable talking about money, taking people’s money; if not, you are doing a significant disservice to yourself.

One story women have in particular is the story of women wanting to get to their goals, but have so many things going on; they don’t know what direction to take. When I told one client her solution is to create a course with high ticket sales to have the cashflow, she replied: “Oh no, I can’t charge that money until I have hundreds of thousands of social media followers.” She was inevitably finding extra work for herself despite giving her the path to earning more.


Cultural Money Conditioning

We’re conditioned to believe that to make money, we have to overwork ourselves to the bone to make more money. However, we all have the same 24 hours and 1410 minutes in a day. Some work really, hard and make very little money and others are working very little and making millions. There’s a false sense we have about money that comes from cultural conditioning. When we operate with this type of mindset, we end up blocking our financial blessings.


Are You Unintentionally Blocking Your Financial Blessings?

We end up blocking our financial blessings because we internalize our shame around money. This internal dialogue is typical for women, which needs to be remedied if women want to make their business goals. Clear your mind of old money thought process cobwebs and turn your brain 180 to thinking about money in a different mindset to start making money.


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