Money Myths About Rich People That Keep You Broke

by Amanda Abella  - February 25, 2020

Debunking Rich People Myths

You hear so many myths and stereotypes about “rich people,” and I want to debunk common myths that might be keeping you broke.

A client I’m working with, we’ll call her “Jane”, was killing it in her business. We were starting to move into sales, and I was telling her, “Listen, we’re going to have to check your preconceived notions about money because once you get into sales and you start asking people for money, you could sabotage yourself with money myths.”

“Jane” then proceeded to tell me how she drove up to spend Christmas with her parents. As she was driving on the road, she saw this woman pull up next to her. It was apparent that this woman had plastic surgery, and she had a particular look. This woman was driving a white Maserati, and “Jane” looks at her and thinks, “That rich bitch.” What’s interesting about this scenario is that “Jane” is a self-made millionaire. Even so, she still holds judgments toward people with money.

Our conversation continues with “Jane” telling me, “Well, I feel kind of weird telling people I’m a self-made millionaire.” The reason is that she is afraid that people are going to question her about why she charges for her services because she has money. I very quickly responded, “Cause you want to be a multimillionaire!” She was still judging multimillionaires and ultra-wealthy.


Your Next Level of Wealth

Your new level of wealth can lead to shame instead of giving yourself credit for your accomplishments. As a society, we’ve been conditioned to judge people with money. As a result of our conditioning, we can feel ashamed because we want money or have money. To have money, you have to want money. You can’t have one without the other.

When you are building wealth, you won’t be without challenges, that is a part of the game. You’re getting into dangerous territory when you relate having wealth with being evil. As the daughter of immigrants who fled communism, I am team capitalism all the way. Wealth does not correlate with being an unethical human being.


Why Rich People Are Rich (and Human)

Besides those who inherited their wealth, people become very wealthy usually because they found a solution to a problem, and people are willing to pay them for taking away their pain points. To receive money, you need to provide value.

I’ve heard people say that wealthy people are luckier or have a better life”. Wealthy people receive the same 24 hours in a day that you receive, the same 1440 minutes in a day which they, and you, choose actions that can move you forward or backward. Rich people are human, the same as you and me. Others say that all rich people “are highly intelligent.” Before you put that myth in your head, I can introduce you to people of average intelligence who are multimillionaires.


What You Have To Do To Be Wealthy

You do have to switch your mindset and conscientiously think differently about money. Think differently than the average person or the general population if you want to get to the next level. Grow your mindset by evolving your thinking.

Start moving in the business owner’s direction, hire people, and start making money for yourself. Learn how to do things smarter and better. Learn as you go like I have. Find a source of passive income so you can make money without having to spend more time working.

There are obscene amounts of money on the planet, and you have to learn how to get some for yourself and if you want to get to a point where you have money, you have to check your judgments at the door.


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