How to Use Law of Assumption in Business

by Amanda Abella  - June 24, 2022


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We’ve recently talked about the Law of Assumption and The Law of Expectancy. Those videos were quite brief in nature as an introduction. This time we are doing a deeper dive into the Law of Assumption – specifically for using it in your coaching business. Make sure to watch the video above because we use a lot of visuals.

Law of Assumption Recap

Law of Assumption is from Neville Goddard’s Power of Awareness. In other words, everything going on in your world is a result of your consciousness. Your consciousness holds all of your assumptions.

What You May Be Experiencing

Let’s say you really want to create more sales in your coaching business and you feel like you are doing all the things. You have your goals, you are visualizing and feel like you have your eye on the prize. The problem is your reality is still showing the opposite. Debt, problem clients, lack of sales, and a whole bunch of problems.

Why is this happening?

Your conscious mind knows what it wants and what it’s trying to create. The issue is your subconscious mind where you hold things like your beliefs about money, work, life and yourself. The subconscious is what ends up running your life.

I see this with team and clients all the time. They may have a sales goal and they are taking all the actions and doing all the things and they still are coming up short. When I start asking questions I start finding out that they assume that wealthy people are greedy jerks because that’s what they were told as a child. Well, if that’s what you assume then of course you’re not going to make more money!

How to Use the Law of Assumption in Business

Below you’ll find the steps you can take to start using The Law of Assumption in your business.

Step 1: Intend to transform.

If you want to use the Law of Assumption to transform your business, then you have to want it and intend it. A lot of people say they want a successful business but they have no intention of making the changes required in order to have a successful business. Your desire and intention need to be in alignment.

Step 2: Assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled.

The wish fulfilled is the end result that you are trying. Each day you want to assume the feeling of it already being done. Figure out what the wish fulfilled looks like and what it feels like and then intentionally generate those feelings.

Step 3: Visualization

Visualization can help you assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled. When it comes to creating our own reality, it’s more about the feeling. I personally visualize what it is I’m desiring to create at least twice a day.

Step 4: You have to actually change.

You must actually become and assume what it is you want. You can mentally assume something, but you also have to assume the characteristics and behaviors and energy of what you want. If I want a multi-million dollar company then I have to start making decisions like a multi-million dollar CEO.


The Law of Assumption requires you to assume the feelings and the actions of what it is you desire. You also must intend to transform than merely just wishing for it to happen.

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