How to Generate Leads for Free Online (Hundreds of Leads!)

by Amanda Abella  - May 19, 2020

how to generate leads for free online

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Welcome to Social Tuesday! Today we’re covering a topic I get asked about a lot: how to get leads for free online.

I recently had someone send me a Facebook message asking me if I was interested in learning how to get 30 to 50 leads into my business each month for free. I responded with “I already get hundreds of leads for free each month.”

And that’s just leads coming into my funnel. This does not include DMs, referrals, strategic partnerships and the like. So today I’m going to break down how you can start getting leads for free online – from the social media side.

How to Get Leads for Free Online

So how do you get leads for free online? Better yet – how do you get them on autopilot? It’s pretty simple.

You must create a web of content that allows for leads to get dumped into your funnel and move through a sales process.

Back it up. What’s a funnel?

A process is exactly what it sounds like – a funnel. The top of the funnel – which is what you post online – is the widest part of the funnel. As leads move through your sales process, the funnel gets smaller. That means you need to cast a wide net with more leads so you make more money.

Creating content

The first step in getting leads for free online is to create your marketing content. Meaning, what is the content that you’re putting out there that attracts potential buyers?

See this is where people make the mistake with social media. They think they just post and get paid. Or that the only way to get paid is through affiliate marketing and sponsorship or Google Adsense.

This is false. In fact, the easiest way to make good money quickly – and in a way that gives YOU control – is to create your own service that solves a problem and sell it to the right targets. This is what I teach in Persuade to Profit. We also cover what kind of content you need to be putting out there in Persuade to Profit. It’s why you see my clients getting 90% close rates or making more money than ever while most of the world is riding the struggle bus.

Building Your Web Over Time

The main thing you want to create over time is a content web. Refer to the video above for the visual.

Basically, you want to have a presence on as many social platforms as possible. You’ll see that in my company – we market and utilize EVERY SINGLE SOCIAL PLATFORM we can. Including, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram. We also use as many features of each Platform as we can.

Why this works:

  • You cast a really wide net which is what you need. Leads are everywhere.
  • Some leads may prefer one platform over another – this way you cover your bases.
  • If you do this you don’t have to pay for ads. You can pay for ads if you want to, but you don’t have to which is a pretty nice spot to be in.
  • You don’t light your money on fire by investing in ads before you’re ready.
  • If one platform goes down (as it occasionally does), then you still have the others running and generating leads.

We’re helping our Persuade to Profit Platinum students with how to layer in multiple social media sites over time. Click here to learn more about the program or click here to book a call with my team.


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