Sales Motivational Video: Mindset of Top Salespeople

by Amanda Abella  - May 21, 2020

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Welcome to Sales Wednesday where we uncover the secrets of sales so business owners can increase their revenue! In this week’s episode, we’re covering the mindset of top sales people with a motivational sales video. Let’s jump right in!


They don’t make excuses.

The mindset of top salespeople is one of not making excuses. Salespeople will often say “I can’t get them on the phone” or “I followed up twice and no response.” Top salespeople don’t care. They know it’s a part of the game. They also get creative and resourceful because they know that closing the sale is their responsibility.

They have definite goals and targets.

The mindset of top salespeople is one of having definite goals – usually financial ones. And it’s not bullshit goals like “I just want to make enough to pay my bills” either. It’s goals that stretch them because that’s what keeps them excited. That’s what keeps them going and that’s what forces them to get creative.

They are decisive.

When a top salesperson decides on what they want to close, come hell or high water it’s happening. I’ve had this happen in my own life as a business owner. By the way – if you run a business you are de facto a salesperson. The moment I decide on something – like I want to generate $100k in sales this month – crazy shit happens. The last time I did that I closed a $40k contract the very next day.

Why? Because I decided it was so. I didn’t make excuses. I didn’t even let my mind think it wasn’t possible. I just went out and did the damn thing.

They will challenge you.

Top salespeople know that people are full of excuses and will challenge them. Not in a manipulative asshole kind of way – though some people who don’t like being challenged because no one’s ever called them out on their BS may not like it – but in a way where they cut through the BS. As I often tell my clients, the more experience you have with sales the better you get at calling the BS out.

What most people do is bend over backwards and try to appease the prospect. Top salespeople know this doesn’t actually work because the prospect is full of excuses for not executing anyway. You can’t close people if you fall for their excuses. Often times prospects will try to sell you on why they can’t do something and the average salesperson will fall for it.

Top salespeople are more committed to helping you solve your problem than they are to your excuses as to why you don’t execute on fixing the problems you said you needed to execute on anyway.

They don’t expect a sales page or marketing to do all the work for them.

People rely why too heavily on marketing and sales pages. That’s not to say those things aren’t important – they certainly are. But you can’t expect your email funnel or a sales page to do all the work for you – especially for high ticket sales.

In fact, you can make a lot of money with no sales page at all. I started selling Persuade to Profit before there was even a sales page for it. I simply sent out emails and got on the phone with leads and made $10,000 the first time I ever taught it.


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