How To Prepare, Pivot, Adjust and Move Forward, with LaDawn Townsend

by Amanda Abella  - May 19, 2020

LaDawn Townsend and I chat about the characteristics, attributes, and actions that are vital to you.

LaDawn is the CEO and founder of the VOS group, and its mission is to grow your bottom line. VOS is a strategic advisory firm based in the United States with a large footprint internationally, currently expanding to the Middle East and Asia. “I deliver solutions to companies saving them over a million dollars in payroll, increasing revenue by 25% within four months, improving shipping and logistics by 42%.


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LaDawn’s Rough Start in Business

“When I started my business as a minority business owner, I was turned down over 30 times for funding in the course of 90 days. So here’s what I had to do. I had to figure out what I can do, how do I sell my service, and did that with no budget and a huge fear of sales. There was no other choice for me in 2014.”

Unfortunately, she had to go back to work because she only made $800.

LaDawn made a decision since that time to grow her business, replacing her executive income, and creating a team with members all over the world. “VOS serves global clients, and now we have this pandemic that’s happened, and people are asking, should I sell?”


My First Entrepreneur Paycheck of $5

Yes, I only made $5, but that was the best $5 I ever earned. The fact someone paid me for a service and my income wasn’t from a paycheck. This money came from me, my grit, blood, sweat, and tears, doing something I enjoyed.

Much time would pass before I felt that I was a legit business owner. LaDawn helped me achieve this perspective.


Should You Sell Your Business? Recession Compared to Pandemic

The time to pivot is now. This is your time to get off your bum and make your mark in your industry.”

The last recession of 2008 was not the same situation we have today. This was the same old bullshit of sorry financial markets and millennials being hit with one crisis after another. I’m wondering why we are still having the same damn conversation ten years later? Did no one learn their damn lesson?

LaDawn and I were the middlemen between candidates and fortune 500 companies. I saw people get laid off, so in 2013 I quit. I figured I might as well do my own thing because I saw the business world starting to shift and move online. Now people are vying to get online. Six months later, I launched my book with Amazon’s bestseller status and ended up doing content marketing for the likes of Discover, Wells Fargo, Capital One, and TransUnion. I became known as a financial expert. I’m a minority woman; statistically I should not be where I am if you pay attention to statistics, which I don’t do. Are the statistics, right? Only if you let them be right.


LaDawn and I Shifted Three Years Ago

LaDawn continues, “About three years ago; I started shifting because I was like, we’re overdue for a crisis. No one knew it was going to be a pandemic. But to your point, there’s always something. I predicted this would be a long run.”

And I started shifting about three years ago, with LaDawn’s assistance. I started moving from the mindset of a freelancer to a business owner. I started training people on how to do marketing and sales, and our clients regularly hit six figures in their first year in business. One of our recent clients, we taught her how to pivot online just in the last few weeks. She started earning double her income in a week. We had another client who took my Persuade To Profit program in December, and in January, she closed 90% of her prospects.


How I Met LaDawn Townsend

LaDawn was laid off back in 2014. “And having a business, I thought I had to go the route of maybe being in network marketing or selling a product. That’s all I knew. I didn’t understand how I could take the knowledge that I had and my skill set and monetize.” Even if you have a physical product, your customers always don’t know how to use the product. You may have to add a consultant service. “So here I am trying to figure out how to do this network marketing thing. And I joined an online women’s network. I was living in Charlotte where my job was based. Amanda came on; I had no idea what a webinar was or other aspects of online marketing.”

“Amanda offered a free consultation. I scheduled a consultation, I rescheduled twice and forgot about the consult. I’m walking into the mall one day when she calls me, and I’m thinking, Oh, I can’t put this poor lady off. So she’s talking to me about taking my skills that she asked me what I did. And she says, why aren’t you charging for that? And I didn’t understand what she meant. I remember her telling me that I could get paid for services based on my knowledge and as I’m walking into the mall, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I had to sit down. I was so lost and confused. I said I don’t understand.”

I pitched my package to LaDawn, and she asked for details of my program. We stayed in touch, and years later, we reconnected, and we’re business best friends now. To find out how we reconnected, listen to Episode #134 of my podcast!


Take Your Skills and Go Out Into the World

LaDawn now knows she can take her skills, go out into the world and charge for her talent. She has worked with amazing coaches and programs where she didn’t quite understand their message but tried the steps they suggested. From everything she has learned with growing her business, her most significant takeaway is “To know your lane and own it. You have to know what’s comfortable for you.”


Be Resourceful in Business

LaDawn says, “Sometimes there’s a tiny moment where there’s a still voice that tells you now is the time. It’s not a big to-do production. I just knew I had a window of time for me to shift and leave corporate again, but I didn’t know what to do and I still wasn’t making money. I knew I needed to get my time back and needed to shift things. And so shortly after that I caught up Amanda. I told her I was coming to Miami because I found some great opportunities to give me space and time to be able to do what I needed to do to be able to breathe again.”


Have People That Run With Your Speed

You have to know who’s on your pace and speed. Find someone with the level of maturity and sensibility you need on your team. You must have running mates that are on your same level and don’t get caught up in the drama. They must be comfortable within themselves without envy or jealousy.


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