How to Close More Sales With Discovery Calls

by Amanda Abella  - April 12, 2022

If you’re ready to start taking on paying clients, but there’s a phone call standing in your way, you’ll need to learn how to get past that anxiety and make that discovery call!

Picking up the phone and calling can be challenging for many people, but if you can get past the fear of the phone, you can run discovery calls which can result in sales.

Are you ready to learn how to close more sales with discovery calls? If so, listen in. I am on a mission to help you close more deals and make more money.

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Create a Pre-Close Intention for Your Discovery Call

If you want to have complete control of your sales conversation, you’ll want to start by doing a pre-close intention. Because most people go into the discovery call without an intention, they don’t know where they want to end up in the sales call. Therefore, they don’t have control over the call because they don’t know what the intended outcome should be.

At this point, the lead takes control. They’re asking you many questions like you’re interviewing for a job rather than the business owner taking control of the conversation. When the lead has control of the conversation, you’ll hear responses such as “I’ll think about that and get to you later” or “I can’t afford that program.”

One of the ways to make sure that that doesn’t happen during your call is to do what’s called a pre-close intention. And that sounds a little something like the following example.

If I have a lead and they filled out an application on my website or in one of my funnels, they are now signed up for a sales call. So I could start the call by saying, Hey, I’m so glad we’re chatting. I got your application. I get an idea of where this is going based on your responses, but I have some questions to find out whether or not we’re a good fit to work together.

If my company can help you, I’m gonna tell you how, and then I’ll just need a decision. Yes or no on whether we’re moving forward. And of course, they say, yes, I’ve never had anybody say no. So now what you’re doing is setting the tone of the conversation. You’re letting them know they need to make a decision by the end of this call.

When they refuse, it’s usually not about money – it’s about lack of value. “I need to think about it” isn’t relevant because they have obviously been thinking about it or wouldn’t be talking to you! So you need to let them know from the beginning, a decision will be made. When you’re making the discovery call, you want to also ask questions that matter.

Ask Focused Sales Questions in Your Discovery Call

The most prominent mistake people make in sales is they’re doing a lot of talking and selling but not listening. Remember, in sales, you are here to solve people’s problems. Some of the questions you’ll want to ask are probing questions.

Probing questions are questions you ask when you’re not sure what the other person is thinking or you need more information about what they’re telling you about their problem. For example, I would ask a question about how the person is getting leads right now? This way, I can better understand their process. Remember, in sales, you should be doing more by asking questions and listening.

Explain the Value You Will Deliver

Leads will tell you that they can’t afford your services or product. The truth is that price is only an issue in the absence of value. So if you didn’t communicate the value of what you’re offering sufficiently, you wouldn’t be able to close the sale. When people say they don’t have the money, it’s what’s called a reactionary defense response. It’s a typical response to get off the phone to avoid buying from you.

You’ll want to be ready with a few different items to present your value. First, you can submit testimonials. Utilize testimonials by showing the potential ROI or how you’ve fixed that same problem for a client. Don’t sell the client based on your physical offerings; they usually don’t care about features. Instead, target their emotional need to have their problem solved.

If you’re able to demonstrate your value and communicate that effectively, if you still hear that they can’t afford your offering, grab our freebie, The Fail-Proof Sales Script, linked below, to learn how to handle objections. This script breaks down precisely what you need to say.

Now, go out and Make Money, Your Honey!


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