How to Close Sales

by Amanda Abella  - May 10, 2022

Money is a very emotionally charged topic. If you don’t know how to handle the topic of money, speaking with a potential client about how much your charge or closing the sale can trip you up because you’re centered around your emotions when a prospect tells you they can’t afford your services.

Then you lose the sale.

Find out what types of money mindset shifts you can implement in your business to ensure that this scenario doesn’t happen in your company. Then, learn how to stay in the right mind and increase your sales.

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Your Money Mindset

You may not be aware, but much of what goes down in your sales start between your two ears. People get tripped up in sales because they are not sold on themselves.

So the first action item you can do to become more confident in selling is to list your wins.

What wins have you landed for clients? What wins have you received for yourself? Make your wins list and place it in a visible spot where you can see it daily.

Show Up to Calls with Certainty

Tip number two is to show up to calls with certainty and conviction. What do I mean by that? I mentioned you needed to be sold on yourself in the last tip. You need to be sold on your product and your offer for this tip. You need to be sold and understand that you are willing to go the distance to make sure the sale closes.

Then, without the shadow of a doubt, you and your company can get people results.

Since I have certainty and conviction, I know that it is my duty to make sure that I close this lead. When you service someone authentically, you get their problem solved, so they don’t end up in a worse situation.

You need to get to that space with your own offer. If you’re not there yet, you might need to work on the offer.

Ask For the Money

The final tip is to ask for the money. You would be so surprised by the number of women I speak to every week who are so passive in the sales process that they will not even ask for the money upfront. Instead, they’ll say let me send you a proposal or more information.

So, what ends up happening is a shift in responsibility. They end up giving the sale decision to the prospect; closing somebody is the client’s responsibility. That’s one of the biggest and best shifts you can make.

I was once rejected 60 times, trying to sell coaching packages in one month. It was brutal. However, I realized that I was too passive because I wasn’t going in for the close. Fast forward a few years, and I recently did $60,000 in sales in one week! And we recently had our first six-figure month.

Why? Because I’m unapologetic about asking for the money. I tell them how much and then ask will that be a Visa, MasterCard, or American Express? If they give me an objection, I handle the objection. And then go back to the close.

Will that be Visa, MasterCard, or American Express? I keep going back for the money.

Learn how to close better. And even if you know how to close better, you won’t be able to close a hundred percent of sales, so they say the fortune is in the follow-up.

Go make Money your Honey!

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