Breaking the Bank with Big Sales Goals in 2022!

by Amanda Abella  - April 5, 2022

Are you ready to hit your sales goals for 2022? I bet you are!

Get ready because I’m about to walk you through exactly how to set sales goals and targets.

When you go big on your goals, you start asking better questions. In addition, you’re more likely to experience expansive growth.

Set Big Sales Goal Targets

You’ll be ready for seven figures when you get to six figures. So I always encourage people to set big targets to plan ahead, ask better questions, and make better decisions based on the end game.

Because the most significant mistake people make is that they only think about short-term goals. I did this for years. How do I pay my bills? Can I get through the month? When you start setting targets like a CEO, you have to shift your mindset and start thinking more about your long-term success and the vision you want for your company.

I don’t care if you just started your business yesterday; this is a habit you need to start doing now! In our program, one of the bonuses is a masterclass on setting targets like a CEO. Check out Persuade to Profit to find out more.

Break Down Your Big Target into Mini-Monthly Targets

Once you have your big goal and target, the next step is to break down your big goal into bite-sized pieces and plan what you’re going to do month-by-month to achieve your new sales goal. For example, take your big target for the year, divide that number by 12, and then have your sales target for the month. Next, determine how many sales you need to close at your current pricing to hit this target every month.

When you start doing the math backward, you can figure out how many leads you need to reach out to and close to hitting that new number. Next, you’ll need to figure out a sales strategy to book and close the number of sales calls you to need to make in a week.

The final step is to break your monthly goal down by weeks. So, once you’ve learned how to ask better questions and figure out your action steps, you break down your steps by week. You can see how many people you need to talk to in a week to hit your sales target for the month.

For example, I know my team needs to book eight calls per week to hit our target based on our statistics. So every week, we need to develop a game plan of our metrics and the marks to hit our weekly sales goals every day.

So that looks like contacting leads by calling, emailing, follow-up. We have a certain amount of calls we are booking daily. Then we can see if we’re able to hit our daily and weekly benchmark metrics.

In Persuade to Profit, we help you create your business follow-up strategy! To find out more, click on the link below.

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