How Not To Get Screwed by a Coach Part 1

by Amanda Abella  - January 21, 2020

Take Personal Responsibility For Your Choices

That’s right, I’m starting with you first.

Are there bad coaches out there? Yes, some unskilled people talk and don’t deliver in every profession. Then there are people who are looking to scam vulnerable people. I believe in love and light, but I am also a realist. One of my teachers says, “Know the truth, but respect the illusion.” The illusion is you got a whole lot of narcissists out there taking advantage of people with very low self-esteem, and it’s nothing new.

Your key to finding a good coach is to make sure you don’t get scammed. To avoid getting scammed to the best of your ability, you must first start with you and your responsibility in choosing a coach.

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Most people claim they got scammed usually didn’t get scammed. Chances are they didn’t do the work, didn’t show up, didn’t read the terms. I’m not judging these people; however, I see people self-sabotaging themselves with their money from a mile away. Let’s take a look at the first scenario: You didn’t get scammed, you didn’t show up and do the work. You can’t blame other people for your lack of action.

No one wants to hear that their dreams are going to take work. The average person is not willing to put in the work. I believe in human potential, but I also think in the human condition, and most people are just not going to do the work it takes to build a business, which is why 80% of new businesses fail their first year. If you’re committed to an idea, you’ll need to take action to create your new venture. When you’re grounded and realistic and honest with yourself, you understand you don’t have all the answers. You know that you don’t see what you don’t know, and you seek proper guidance. My private coaching clients understand what they don’t know, and they know they need help, and they want real customized attention. They use my coaching services; then, they start closing their own $2,000 clients. They weren’t looking for an easy way out, they knew they had to work, and they weren’t arrogant enough to believe they were going to build their business by sitting on the couch binge-watching Netflix.

Don’t Join a Program, “Just to Make Money”

Have you ever bought into a program because you thought that the program would make you money, but you weren’t passionate about the program, and you didn’t show up? Have you gotten excited about your new coaching program and not done your due diligence?

People end up in programs and classes they don’t even want to be in because they are choosing a program that is selling them on the notion of making a bunch of money fast. They aren’t really into the program, and they don’t show up. Why would they? They’re not committed to this program because they aren’t passionate about the program; they are passionate about making money.

Deciding Based On Fear is Always the Wrong Decision

You may be afraid of your success. As silly as this sounds, this is a common theme among people. They can’t envision what their life looks like when they are killing it, or they get scared of their success because they’ve never experienced success before. Success is the unknown which people are afraid of; then, they decide to get into a class based on the fear of success and not going for what they want.

Avoid Money Drama

The other action people are enabling is letting themselves become emotional and irrational over the concept of money. This is something I cover more in-depth in my sales training to Persuade to Profit. With my private coaching clients, I sit down with them and coach them on how to understand what’s going on collectively with people and their money. You need to know why people make super irrational decisions with money and why they get so emotional when you drop the price of your product or service. They immediately say that’s too much money, or I can’t afford your assistance, and 95% of the time, that is complete bullshit.

The reality is yes, most people out there are so emotional and irrational over the concept of money that it completely clouds their judgment, and they can’t make the right decisions. Part of your job as a business owner is to help them decide on your service.

Read the Fine Print of the Program’s Terms

Sometimes people don’t read the terms and keep clicking until they give someone their credit card, and they’re off to the races in their new program. If that’s been you, I need you to take personal responsibility and own your decision, so you can change your behavior in the future and make better decisions. I’m not judging you. When people are excited, they tend to make quick decisions without thinking about the consequences.

So if you recognize yourself in this example, take personal responsibility and learn the lesson to read the terms of the agreement. You can also hire a business lawyer to read the terms to know what you are getting into with this agreement. These are people who did not get screwed; they are blaming other people for not showing up to do the work or not taking the responsibility to read the coaching agreement.


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