Decide to Make Money

by Amanda Abella  - January 14, 2020

Do You Have Money Trauma?

Even if you grew up in the most wonderful household, all you had to do was walk outside the door, and you’d already start getting hit by other people’s trauma about money. I often hear people beating themselves up about money because they feel they should have had their finances together before they decided to get them together with an “I should have known better” attitude. Honestly, how are you supposed to know better if no one ever taught you to manage your money any better?

Cut Yourself Some “Making Money” Slack

Cut yourself some slack if you haven’t figured out how to manage your money sooner than now and get over the insane amount of self-inflicting pressure you put on yourselves. Your past money habits are in your past – you can choose to move forward with different mindset, behavior, and actions regarding your money to get over your financial trauma. Your past decisions regarding money are negatively affecting your current choices to make money. These are causing blockages toward deciding to make money. If you want to make money (and you know you do), make a hard decision to move forward regardless of your history regarding money. Decide today you want to make the change and act on that decision moving forward.

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Why You Need to Decide to Make Money

I know telling you that you need to decide to make money sounds trite. There is so much more to money than budgeting and paying off debt and not buying lattes. That’s not even the real story at the end of the day. Quite honestly, making money comes down to the way you think, feel, and act when it comes to money, and depending on your mindset, making money can be fun! It doesn’t mean there won’t be discomfort along the way, but it will be fun. Deciding to make more money is essential, but moreover, making this decision for yourself is even more critical.

Let’s Get Into Your Decision to Make Money

Oftentimes people ask me how I overcame under-earning. For those of you who aren’t familiar with under-earning, I recommend reading Barbara Stanny’s book Overcoming Underearning. It’s a game-changer read in which she defines an under earner as someone who gives and gives and gives and never really reaches their earning potential. That was me and I had to bust out of that at some point. I often get asked, “How did you do it? How did you bust through under-earning?” The way that I got out of under-earning is deciding to not be broke. I was so done being broke, being taken advantage of and not making enough money. I was done putting what I wanted to do on hold because I didn’t have the money. That sounds simple, but what’s not straightforward about this process is allowing ourselves to want the money in the first place.

Societal Beliefs About Money

There are a lot of societal beliefs about money, most of which are bullshit. The backlash people get when they say they want to get rich, want to make money, or when they have a big goal or vision is astounding. I have coaching clients who have had to go out of their way to put themselves in different environments and be around different kinds of people having more elevated conversations about money. When they told their current network of friends or business associates what they wanted to do, they immediately gave them negative feedback. “Well, you can’t do that,” or “That’s too risky,” or “How dare you to ask for that kind of money?” or, “Rich people are evil,” or “For you to make much money, you got to sell your soul.” That is the conversation that we tend to have in our society. That’s why quite frankly, most people are fucking broke because that is their mindset around money.

And when you get trolls bothering you about making money, remember that people are just acting from the standpoint of “money is evil” conditioning. These are not personal attacks against you.

Others Will Be Jealous When You Get Your Shit Together And Make Money

When you start getting your shit together, there might be some people who don’t like it. Again, the comments you receive don’t have anything to do with you; personally, their comments reflect beliefs about themselves which they are placing on your situation. Remember, conditioning is rampant across society when finances are in play.

Making Money Requires Work (Duh!)

Making a huge commitment to make money requires work. I’m not sitting here eating Bon Bons all day long. For me, my mindset around work came down to deciding that if I’m going to have to work and be exhausted, I’d rather be tired and exhausted working my way to getting wealthy. Quite honestly, being broke is more exhausting than being tired from making money.

You may hear people talk about attracting abundance into your life. These people give the impression that making money happens magically. Getting rich is going to push you out of your comfort zone, and you will have to work to get there. What you want to focus on is the process of working toward creating your business and how creating your own business will affect your life for years to come. You’ll show yourself what you’re made of when you push yourself harder than you thought you could go in life, and you know what, you’ll see payoff!

Want to Lose Weight and Make Money? Get in Line for 2020.

We’re in January, and you hear many people say their resolution for the New Year revolves around losing weight and making more money. These are the two most common resolutions year in and year out. Many people talk about making money and losing weight, but they don’t follow through for more than three weeks. If you want to make money, then you must decide to make money. Once you make the decision, start taking the right kinds of actions that move you forward. Use proper resources to achieve your goals.

Commit To Making Money Now – And MOVE to Make Your Decision a Reality

The moment you commit and decide to make money, you start seeing opportunities around you that may have been there the entire time; you didn’t see them before because you weren’t looking for money opportunities (remember you’re old mindset?). When you make that decision to make money, new money-making ideas pop up. Suddenly, you have ideas, creativity, and energy to pursue. Your subconscious mind is just going to find more money-making opportunities. Start asking yourself daily where you can find opportunities to make money, and watch as your subconscious mind seeks out answers, then follow your new mindset and make money in 2020!


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