How to Not Get Screwed by a Business Coach – Part 2

by Amanda Abella  - January 28, 2020

Four questions you should ask (and be comfortable with the answer) when hiring your next Coach

What You Should Look for in a Legitimate Coach

Let’s talk about the basics, what you should be looking for, and red flags. These are the exact same strategies that I use when I’m choosing who to work with. That’s why I take the time to research and ask the right questions before I choose whom to work with and give my hard-earned money. When I use these four strategies, I don’t get screwed. If anything, I’ve been disappointed, or have realized this coaching program isn’t what I wanted to do after I get in the program. These questions are very beneficial and helpful to use and ask as you are looking into hiring your next mentor or coach.

Make sure to ask the proper questions when choosing your coach. Here are four questions you should ask when selecting your next coach.

#1 Ask the Coach About Their Curriculum

If you’re looking for a business coach, ask them to get an outline of their curriculum. I’ve literally had people break up with their business coaches after I reviewed what they were learning and found out the content wasn’t valuable.

I saw one curriculum once from one of my clients along the lines of business behaviors for the first month lessons. What does that mean? The next month this curriculum covered creating the offering. I’m like, Well, wait for a second, you just missed a huge portion, which is the market research because unless you go out there and do it, you’re not going to know what to create.

#2 Do Your Market Research

I haven’t talked to one person who has done their market research. I ask this question at least 15 times a week, “Have you done market research?” “No, I haven’t done that.” or “Well, they gave us a worksheet about an ideal client avatar, but no one taught us how to fill this information out or how to do it.”

I’m getting on my soapbox because this is the one thing that makes the most significant difference. If you conduct your market research properly, you will know what to create, how to market, and sell. Or you’ll find out that you may be trying to develop an offering no one wants to buy.

The biggest reason why my clients get outstanding results is that we go deep on market research, so there are usually no surprises.

#3 Ask For the Coaches Credentials

Look at their credentials. What is their experience, background, or types of career before coaching? If their first business is a business coaching, run. They don’t know a damn thing about running a business, and they’re probably still trying to figure it out for themselves. This is the biggest reason why there are so many business coaches out there, not knowing how to teach market research because they’ve never actually done the process themselves.

What should you be doing with your credentials? You should be shouting this stuff from the rooftops! I don’t necessarily mean telling everyone what degrees or certifications you have, tell people about the real-life experience – what have you been able to do, that’s what people are looking for. Get testimonials, preferably on video and audio; these will increase your sales. Learn how to deal with objections. Learn how to handle when people tell you, no. Learn how to handle the situation when people start giving you excuses. Learn how to stay in your sales call and how to have a productive sales conversation. When you implement these actions, you will start doing well.

#4 Look for Social Proof

Now, you also want to look for social proof, preferably video and audio. You also want to look into how they react when replying to positive and negative comments because this is very telling.

A long time ago, I had a hiring experience where I was considering hiring a person for a particular kind of coaching, and I changed my mind. I listened to my intuition and felt clear that coaching with this person wasn’t the right path for me. When I told this person no, immediately their face changed right in front of me. They immediately started trying to manipulate me emotionally.

Now, I’ve been in this game long enough where I can call it, and I can see it. I was like, okay, dodged a bullet there. But pay attention to how they react when you tell them no, or when you give them an objection. A person who is worth their salt and isn’t in the business just to get money is not going to be reactive because they’re primary function to assist YOU. If you tell them no and they come back with “You must invest in yourself!” or “How long are you going to hold off on your dreams?” This is NOT a coach you want to work with. Don’t fall for that shit, they want your money.


Work With GOOD Coaches and Mentors

Also, keep in mind that working with a good coach or mentor will take you to places quicker and faster than working alone. If you resonate with me, you resonate with my story, and you resonate with the straight-up fire, join me in Persuade to Profit.


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