How Elena Went From $0 to $6000 Clients

by Amanda Abella  - April 7, 2020

Learning How to Create a Sustainable For-Profit Business

Elena is one of my Persuade to Profit students and owns her own social media company. Elena was finishing up her degree and had a large following on Instagram that she felt was moving upward, with many of her people reaching out for advice. She helped people give out free advice, but this wasn’t a sustainable model. Elena recalls, “I remember me shifting to thinking I have something here, but what can I do? I don’t know where to start.”

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Elena found me on Instagram and started looking at my IG stories. While looking through my stories, Elena related to my message. “I’m this person that’s fearful of being worthy of earning something.” She recalls getting on the webinar, joining Persuade to Profit, then coming up with a business idea to test.


Testing Her Business Idea

Once she had one offer, she was ready to go. She realized she was instilling confidence with entrepreneurs instead of instilling confidence with people with body image. “The business goal I created is a confidence social media coach.” Elena decided to combine her two previous ideas into one business.

“I already had the skills that I learned on my own and other skills I learned from Persuade to Profit.” She tells me that she is very creative and outside of the box thinker.


Setting Boundaries

A couple of years ago, Elena was struggling with people in her social influence wanting the whole world from her. She was struggling to set boundaries.

Boundaries are now there, and she has seen her business change and still has her audience, her personal blog. Her journey continues, “To me, the title of my blog doesn’t mean it’s just related to body image or fitness, but towards life journey and how we overcome life events we go through.”


How Elena Has Grown Her Business

“Two weeks after I got my license for Six Toes PR, I got my first client from building connections.” She says of the experience, “I feel like the universe was telling me this means for you now is your time to shine.”

Previously, Elena had issues with being worthy of accepting money. Even still, this was a struggle for her, “I was able to push through and complete the work for my client.” She remembers this experience giving her a spark to survive and to win. Elena didn’t want to settle for less.

Her client was so impressed with working with Elena that he spread the word about her services that led to another client referral. “Before I even got the second client, I was still working full time. Having two clients and working full-time was hard to implement. With her two deals now in full swing, Elena brought in 12 K!

Elena realized she went from not making any money to charging $6,000 per client. After she and I talked, this gave her a boost of confidence. “I feel that having a coach to lean on gives you a push and confidence to overcome what we struggle with.”


Continuing To Work on Her Money Mindset

“I’ve been working so much on my money mindset, which is something that I didn’t even know I was getting into with Persuade to Profit. I didn’t know that the foundation of everything is the mindset that we have that is affected by our trauma-related to money. That’s what stopped me from getting anywhere and achieving what I wanted to do!”

Elena continues to work on her money mindset every day, consistently. Think rich and dream big! She is a client who two years ago, never uttered positive money mindset words and didn’t dream big.


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