How I Went From Getting Rejected 60 Times to $60k in Sales in 30 days – Part 1

by Amanda Abella  - April 14, 2020

Five years ago, I was trying to sell coaching packages and was rejected 60 times in one month. Today, in early March, I ran my sales numbers for February and took in $62,000 in sales and contracts. I usually share this with clients who’ve hit walls or received a lot of “no.”

One year after I launched my book, Make Money Your Honey, I’d been asked to partake in a tele-summit for eight international women’s networking groups to talk about money and money mindset. There were 200 women on the teleclass, and I offered a free consultation. Attendees booked me solid for three weeks straight.

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This situation was intense for me at the time because I wasn’t used to being so booked out. Additionally, I was still wearing too many hats. I was also making real rookie mistakes. My pitch was good enough to be booked solid for three weeks with consultation calls, and during those consultation calls, I was pitching these women with coaching packages before I created Persuade to Profit.


How I (Almost) Landed My Yearly Salary in Five Days

I pitched my one-to-one coaching packages, and I remember being super excited because there was one week where I was looking at $20,000 in contracts. To put this into perspective, at my last job, I brought in around $22,000 a year, and now I had the potential to close $20,000 in services within five days.

Additionally, I was in the middle of a rebrand – the significant rebrand of 2015. My rebrand included my website, updating new systems, and CRMs. At this time, my business credit card bill was high as a result of my rebrand.

I remember thinking I need this money. Here’s my shot. I’m going to close these prospective buyers. I did not close a single person that month. Every only person said, no, none of them bought from me or came on as a client. I was crushed because I’m thinking, well shit, I know I’m really good at what I do and I’m a great coach. I can run circles around these coaches out here, but I can’t close a down client? I wasn’t sure why no one wanted to work with me. This took a hit to my confidence.

I thought to myself I’m not going to give up. I’m still going to coach. I’m not going to promote my coaching. Instead, I’m digging the freelancing that’s going well for me. Maybe I’ll double down on that. In the next two year period, I almost exclusively did freelance writing. Coaching was only by request because I believed no one wanted my coaching.


To Coach or Not to Coach?

Part of me wanted to revisit my coaching status later. I planned to ride the content marketing train until the wheels fell off. Deep down inside, there was this little voice that kept telling me I was going to revisit coaching. We’re just making a short detour in the right direction that you need right now. I followed that intuition and did a small pivot.

I didn’t give up entirely on my entrepreneurship dreams. I never doubted that I would see the success that I wanted for myself. It was essential to know that at my core, I would get what I desired. This was an issue of bad timing. The universe had different plans for me. In the back of my mind, I was open as to how success was going to show up.


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