Five Superpowers You Need to Be Using in Your Business

by Amanda Abella  - July 12, 2022

What if I told you that your mind possesses six superpowers, and you don’t even know how to use them?

You may not even be aware that these six superpowers can help you create the life and business you truly desire!

Get ready because I’m going to break it down, so you know how to identify and use your six superpowers in your life and your business!

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The Power of Your Mind 

When most people think of the power of the mind, we usually refer to logic, systems, procedures, and following the rules. A perfect example is your life and career trajectory. Most people are taught to go to college, get a degree and a job, and do the same every day until they retire or die.

Most of us have not been taught how to best utilize the power of our mind and the faculties that it entails.

5 Mental Superpowers to Level-Up Your Career

Mental Superpower #1: Perception

Perception is the ability to change your point of view on a subject or topic, to take a challenge or a situation, and change your perception to question what is happening and why it’s happening to you or the world. When you use the power of perception, you can shed limiting beliefs and change behaviors. As a result, you can be less reactive and arrive at better solutions to problems.

Mental Superpower #2: Business Debt is OK

Debt allowed me to invest in my business and my team, which was essential to growing. This perception shift and access to credit gave me time to develop and train processes and team members and allow my business to accelerate. My growth wouldn’t have been possible without taking on some debt.

Mental Superpower #3: Use Your Reason and Logic

Although much research has been done in the field, we still don’t understand the total capacity of our minds. Our ability to think logically and problem solve is not taught in schools for the most part. You have to get out of your comfort zone and move in the direction of what you desire. Start with your end goal in mind and start solving problems. People typically use excuses to stay safe rather than in the direction they want to achieve their goals. How to properly use reason lies in your problem-solving capabilities.

Mental Superpower #4: Imagination

The next mental superpower you need to utilize is your imagination. Everything that has been built by people is because of imagination. Anything that we have created has started as an idea in someone’s mind. One of the most challenging things about growing up is that many of us are taught to stop imagining and be “realistic.” Then, we lose the ability to effectively use our imagination because we haven’t been using it to the fullest extent. So use your imagination! And make sure to have a place to write your new ideas down, such as your phone, computer, or a journal. This way, you’ll have a repository of ideas you can turn into tangible reality.

Mental Superpower #5: Intuition

Intuition is the sixth sense and that little voice that whispers in your head and guides you. It’s also known as your gut feeling. For example, my intuition told me to start banging out daily videos, which was spot on!

And sometimes, to be honest, your intuition can lead you in directions that may not make sense to the outside world or your senses; however, you’ll want to roll with it because it’s the direction that you need to start moving. The reality is everybody has intuition, and you may need to dig it up, discover your intuition, and find out more about yourself.


Make sure to utilize these mental superpowers and find out how to use them in your life and business to create more of what you want in life.

And remember to Make Money, Your Honey!


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