Balancing the Feminine and Masculine Traits to Increase Your Bottom Line

by Amanda Abella  - July 5, 2022

There’s a lot of internet talk about feminine principles to run businesses, feminine leadership, and how to be more feminine in business.

And there’s also a lot of bad advice and confusion.

Let’s break down what feminine principles look like in business:

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As a woman entrepreneur who primarily works with women, I’ve found that women are tired. They’re tired of running around trying to build a business like a man. So they are looking for balance.

Now, I also wanna be really clear that there’s a lot of confusion on this topic because people will assume that if you run a feminine business, you work 15 hours a week and do nothing. And that’s not really how that works.

When you’re getting a business off the ground and figuring out how to make money, many women believe they will have to learn more masculine qualities before they’re ready to layer.

When you see a whole bunch of marketing but can’t close a sale, it may be because they’re leaning too far into the feminine. For example, they may be waiting for people to come to them. But, unfortunately, sales don’t necessarily work that way.

To make money in your company, you need both masculine and feminine traits, no matter if you’re a biological male or female. Therefore, if you’ve gone too far into the masculine, you can find your own balance and bring it back to build a more sustainable platform or business with a better flow.

Why Masculine and Feminine Traits are Both Needed to Make Money in Business

Let’s discuss a little bit about the difference between masculine and Feminine traits and how to use them in business. One masculine trait is getting work done, such as recording videos. However, the feminine part of this activity is attracting followers to these videos. Feminine traits are more about attraction, intuition, creativity, vision, flow, and cycles. So you see how you need both masculine and feminine traits to succeed in business. You can’t do only one or the other; feminine and masculine traits are needed to make money.

Other masculine traits include strategy, numbers, and action. You hear people talking about massive action. Although you need massive action in business, you can’t take action and not make money. So creating sales funnels, structures, and systems all use masculine traits.

How to Balance Your Feminine Traits to Benefit Business Growth

As female entrepreneurs, we either go too far into the feminine and not make enough money, or we go too far into the masculine and burn out and exhausted.

Let’s assume you have gone too far into using masculine traits as part of your business. Now, you need to start bringing in more of the feminine traits. First, you want to find out if you are attracting people. The feminine attracts – she doesn’t go out and chase. However, this is still proactive because attracting people who want to work with you will make you money.

In reality, many believe the feminine is about posting on social media, then leaning back and waiting for money. It doesn’t work that way. A level of pro-activity is needed, especially if you were just in the beginning stages of your business and nobody knows who you are.

Making Yourself Known on Social Media and Online

That being said, your presence matters, and it’s essential. Even if you make marketing a priority. You want to get them hooked, and then they are attracted to you, becoming buyers. So the concept of attraction marketing is extremely feminine because the whole point is attraction.

The feminine traits you can utilize to grow your business are also more about being versus doing. Am I showing up as an abundant person on these videos? Am I envision the people that will be attracted to me as a result of watching this video? And I am being inside that feminine energy right now?

The Feminine is About Fun and Pleasure

Another desirable and extremely feminine trait is pleasure and fun.

If you go too far into the masculine, it’s all about the burden. It’s all about the burden of making money.

The feminine is about having fun. Y

ou can also build in some masculine structures behind the scenes to support creating fun videos and be more in your feminine.

Make Use of the Feminine Trait of Receiving 

Receiving includes receiving support from team members. It’s also about receiving money, receiving gifts, receiving love. It just receives, receives, receives, receives. The masculine is about the giving you need to give in business. You need to give value.

If you go too far into the masculine, you start micromanaging your team members and trying to control them because of ego. You may perceive that ‘nobody can do it better than me.’ This is a super hyper-masculine trait. The feminine trait would say, ‘I’m gonna allow myself to be supported right now.’

Balance masculine and feminine traits to increase your sales and business processes are more challenging than it sounds. Even something as simple as receiving compliments can be challenging for women. I can’t tell you how many women get complimented, and I see them shy away. It makes them feel very uncomfortable when they get compliments.

Review the Traits You are Using In Your Business

Your business needs to be a cycle and a system of giving, which is the masculine, and receiving, which is the feminine. So you might see hyper-masculine businesses run by well-developed and very masculine guys. On the other hand, you can also see feminine traits and female-run businesses that attract money into their lives, get attention, and receive support. Those are all feminine principles.

Make sure to share this with all the women in your life, especially the female entrepreneurs and business owners! Remember to go out there and Make Money, Your Honey!

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