Creating Boundaries to Keep the Bullshit Out of Your Life

by Amanda Abella  - December 14, 2021

Do you have lots of bullshit in your life? Think about who you let into your personal and professional circles. Do they bring your drama or support?

If you have negative people in your life, you need to cut them out because they are the roadblock for you becoming successful. You need to cut out the bullshit in your life because negative people, habits, and influences prevent you from achieving who you are meant to become.

The truth is, if your personal life is a fucking mess, your business is probably going to be a mess.

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If you’re around people who are not supportive, life will be complicated and challenging. If you are around people who don’t respect you, it will be tough to be successful and build the business and go where you want to go.

If you don’t figure out what your standards are financial, in your relationships, in your life, and your business, you’re going to have drama and chaos in life and business.

Why You Need Boundaries

Boundaries are a big issue, and we are helping our clients create boundaries daily. But, the fact is, you need to get better at putting up boundaries to make more money.

I had a period where I had a group of friends that, quite frankly, were dramatic, and there was too much fuckery going on.

I realized this drama and the people I had in my circle were dragging me down and keeping me from realizing my vision, dreams, wealth, and the way I wanted to live.

So the minute I see fuckery in my personal life, I am dropping your ass like a bad habit.

Boundaries Create Wealth

I’ve noticed that many wealthy people are very strict about creating boundaries. They’re cautious about the kind of people they have around them to keep their social environment in good harmony. They understand that things will be rough if their environment is off and they don’t have the right people around them, the right partnerships, and the team.

It’s going to be like moving through molasses. If you can even do that, it’s going to be like having cement tied to your feet.

One of the elements that we need to get better at as humans are figuring out our standards. This time of year where those of you who have this issue in your life, you’re going to get all your fucking buttons pushed at this time of year.

If you’re reading this, you should know that there are certain areas where I want you to decide on your new standards. First, figure out your financial standards. How much money am I making? How much is my business bringing in every month?

Here’s a standard that I have in my business.

I pay myself, and I pay myself a good salary. That’s a standard that needs to happen. Another standard is I pay my fucking bills on time. If I commit to something, it’s getting paid on time, and I’ve never missed one bill.

Setting Standards Within Your Power

The truth is you have a lot more power than you think you do, but you have to set the standard. Another standard I have is my pricing. People who work for me here are all chosen based on my standards.

What are the standards in your financial life? What are the standards in your business? Where are the standards for the people in your life? What are the standards for your relationships? So many people could be so much further ahead in life and business if they had standards.

Think about what standards you want to create as you go into the New Year. Spend some time thinking and writing down your ideas, boundaries, and standards that you want to implement next year to get rid of the nonsense in your life so you can move on to be your own success.

Having standards for yourself is loving and respectful to your being, so make sure you have the boundaries and standards in place for your best year ever!


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