How to Build Wealth By Being Decisive

by Amanda Abella  - December 7, 2021

This past year, 2021, has been better than 2020 on many different levels.

I decided that if my team could get through 2020, then 2021 would be good. One of the reasons that 2021 has been better is because I practice being decisive.

Many of you have recently asked me, ‘Amanda, how are you so confident? How do you get results so fast?’ I’m going to tell you right now, it’s the ones who are fucking decisive.

Patrice Washington recently came on to my podcast. She mentioned that the one characteristic wealth is attracted to is decisiveness.

So many people either don’t make decisions or make decisions unconsciously.

To build the life, wealth, and money you want, you have to fucking decide that that’s your going to be your life. Now, this gets a little scary for people because many people are like, oh, rich people are evil.

We have all these stories about our relationship to money. Money trips people up and creates and digs up many emotions for people.


Work on Your Money Mindset

Money mindset is an area of our life that we have to do quite a bit of work to realize that many of the financial beliefs we have been taught are lies. For example, not all rich people are evil or make money via scams. However, we see examples of rich people that created their wealth through scams because these stories make the headlines. Most wealthy and successful people have earned their money legitimately. 

I grew up my whole life thinking money is the root of all evil because that’s what the Bible says when in actuality, that isn’t the case. However, it does talk about not putting money before God.

Money is a Neutral Life Factor

Money in and of itself is neutral. Money is a tool. You’re the human who decides what to do with your money.

Many of us are also told that money is hard to come by.

In reality, once you learn how money works, it gets easier to make your money work for you.

Once you unravel many of these false stories, it gets a lot easier to accept money as a tool you can use for your business and personal life.

Making Sacrifices to Earn Money

One actual money mindset value that you’ll need to learn is that you will have to make sacrifices to make money. Whenever I get to a point where I have to sacrifice to get to the next level, I look around. I see how most people live and realize that I don’t want to be mediocre or average. So I’m willing to make the required sacrifices to don’t have to live the way most people live.

Reducing Your Ticket Prices Doesn’t Make More Money

A common lie you hear in business circles is that to make money, you have to reduce your prices – a complete fucking lie. Because many of us were brought up with what I call a “Walmart-Kmart mentality,” we were taught that saving money on poor quality is better than spending more money on a good quality product and more valuable. We have to rewire that money mindset thinking as we get older to build wealth. 

Because so many of the lies that we are told about money as a whole are internalized, making decisions around money is harder to make when we believe these false money mindsets. 

Another lie is that more money creates more problems.

However, problems are not necessarily bad because these challenges are significant opportunities. When you make more money, you can use this as an opportunity to practice sales skills, sharpen up your customer service skills, and opportunity for an upsell. When dealing with humans, you’ll find out more of their pain points that you can solve by up-selling them your products or services.

You have different problems when you make bigger money, not necessarily more problems. Find the people who can work with you to solve your money challenges at the level you are experiencing to move to the next level of financial success with a positive money mindset.

People Will Come After You When You’re Successful

I’ve had clients ask me if I’m afraid people will come after me because I’m successful. That’s actually a tremendous fear for many people. People are scared to put themselves out there and make money because they think people will come after them. 

With more exposure, you’ll attract more people. While it’s true not every experience will be positive, you won’t have a herd of people stalking you around every corner.

Work Through Your Money Mindset Fears with a Coach

To be successful, you need to get clear on your money mindset blocks and work through them with a coach, mentor, therapist – whomever you need to break through your personal glass ceiling regarding negative thoughts about money. 

Once you are working through your negative money mindset, you can get to a point where you can make a fucking decision. Make a fucking decision that you’re going to make money. I had a mentor say this earlier this year, we were on a group coaching call, and he’s like, you have to build the identity of someone who pays their bills on time.

And that identity starts with a decision, right? 

When it comes to decisions, it’s not just deciding to be wealthy and successful. That’s part one of making a decision. The next step to making a decision is to start acting differently, making different choices, and backing those choices up with action and commitment.

You’ve got to decide that you’re going to do whatever is required to make your goals happen. Remember, you won’t get something for nothing in this Universe! Even with all the success that I’m having now, it’s because I’ve put in the work.

This past year, my team and I were building out systems. I was coping by working and being productive, so I accomplished a lot during the pandemic. And I’m willing to make those sacrifices and do what’s required to scale and build my business. I’m eager to do stuff that makes me uncomfortable. I’m willing to bet on myself. I decide to go after what I want and live the way that I want to live. 

The decision to be wealthy in your business depends on your ability to make decisions quickly in your life.

You make decisions quickly, and you take full responsibility for whatever happens. It’s that simple. We’re scared to make a decision, to be wealthy in our businesses and in our lives. We’re afraid to make decisions because of making the wrong decision.

And we’re afraid of making the wrong decision because we put so much weight on failure. When in reality, failure is a learning lesson. Nothing more, nothing less. Over the years, I started a whole career as a financial writer because I was a fucking mess with money.

Everybody moves through failures. Remember, failures are data points. 

We need to realize that failure is okay because it’s how we learn to do better. Failure isn’t forever. Learn the lesson and move on to do better next time.

Is it worth living an average life? Quite frankly, for me, the answer is always no. And because the answer is no, I make decisions fast, I move quickly, and I get results fucking fast.


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