2021 Interview Year in Review

by Amanda Abella  - December 21, 2021

I recently did an episode on my year in review. Specifically, reviewing the great takeaways my guests have shared with me during podcast interviews.

So read or listen to get a 2021 guest interview takeaway!

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Courtney Elmer and Her Four Primary Systems

We talked about the shift from being a freelancer or a self-employed person to becoming a CEO, the mindset shifts that need to occur, and the four different kinds of systems you need in place.

Joe Sanok Four Day Work Week

Joe Sanok, the author of the book Thursday, is the new Friday was a great interview where he talked about delegating workload. This is something I’ve experimented with within 2021. I don’t typically work Fridays unless I have to, so I’ve been working only four days a week. We talked about my experience with this new work schedule. In addition to my experience, we also chatted about the science behind shorter workweeks and how that impacts work productivity.

Patrice Washington and How You Can Bounce Back When You’ve Lost Everything

Patrice and I definitely have a deep connection to spirit and something bigger than ourselves. We went deeper into that in the podcast. We talked about the role of faith, how to bounce back when you’ve lost everything, and the characteristics of wealthy people, such as which characteristics are needed to have that money attraction.

Fabienne Fredrickson on Business Scaling

Our main topic in this episode was the activators needed to scale your business from six figures to seven figures. So those of you who are in that scaling phase, you’re definitely going to want to listen to this episode as well.

Getting Over Your Fear of Sales with Caitlin Doemner

Caitlin has a seven-figure sales team for Deepak Chopra and Mastin KIPP. In this episode, we talked about how to nail sales and create sales from a place of service.

Achieving Business Success with Nikki Novo

This was one of our most popular episodes this year on activating your intuition and using that to make business decisions. One of the most excellent parts about this podcast episode is when Nikki talked about how your business is a separate entity with its own energy and how to read that energy.

Arielle Ford on Building Careers

Best-selling author Arielle Ford built the careers of pretty much everyone at the hay house roster, the hay house publishing company.

This was about love and Money and how they have a lot to do with each other. We also talked about manifesting Money and love.

Michael Anthony Coaching Adult Survivors of Abuse

Michael Anthony is a coach for adult survivors of childhood trauma and abuse. This was probably one of the most impactful, eye-opening episodes for me personally. He’s literally one of the kindest people I’ve ever met, but he also does not mince his words, and he’s a straight shooter. Michael talked about how trauma affects our financial decisions and how to overcome them.

Rewire for Health with Barbara Huson

I interviewed one of my financial heroes, Barbara Huson, formerly known as Barbara Stanny. And we talked about how to rewire for wealth, which is her latest book. We also talked about overcoming, under-earning, and how women can overcome this tendency.

Surpassing Your Glass Ceiling with Gay Hendricks

Surpassing your upper limits and living in the genius zone with Gay Hendricks, the author of The Big Leap. Upper limit problem. Why do we have an unexpected expense? Why does everybody want to cancel? Why does all this drama happen while we finally start attaining ours?

And that is an episode of gay Hendricks is a gem of a person who’s also a national treasure and needs to be protected at all costs.

Funnels by Allie Beers

I know people study my funnels because they’ve told me they study our automated systems and email marketing.

Allie beer taught me how to create sales funnels.

We talked about passive income ideas, the reality of the online market, and what it takes to run a fucking business.

Dave Nagel and Business Debt

David is another one of those coaches who has these fascinating views on doing the opposite to what the world tells you. But I will tell you the transformation that I have personally had working with David; you will not want to miss this episode because of his exciting views on debt. I feel that he’s a modern-day philosopher about Money and mindset.


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