Create Your Reality with The Law of Assumption

by Amanda Abella  - August 1, 2022


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Your life wholy depends on the assumptions you are making about yourself, about money and about life. That’s why we’re going to be talking about how to use the Law of Assumption in order to become the master of the cause in your life. Make sure to watch the video to follow along with the visuals.

The Law of Assumption states that all the results you are getting in your life are based on what you assume to be true. It also states that you are the master of your cause. So then that brings in another law, The Law of Cause and Effect.

What is the Law of Cause and Effect?

The Law of Causes and effect basically says there are no accidents. Every result has a cause. For example, if you want more money there are specific causes that leads to more money. Causes like – sales, marketing and making offers.

How to Use the Law of Assumption to Become The Master of The Cause

Here are some quick tips you can use to use the Law of Assumption to become the master of the cause in order for you to get the effect that you desire.

Use Your Imagination Consciously

We all have an imagination, the problem is most of us don’t use it properly. They imagine things going poorly, ish hitting the fan, things not working out, etc.

Imagination is one of the six mental faculties we have that separates us from animals and it’s extremely powerful. In order to use the Law of Assumption, you’ll want to consciously use your imagination to create what it is you desire.


We’ve mentioned visualization before, but it bares repeating. You want to use visualization to get into the feeling of what it is you desire.

Ignore Your 3D Reality

In the Law of Assumption you have to practice ignoring your senses. In the book You Squared, the author talks about how absence of evidence is not evidence of it’s absense. Our senses don’t pick up on everything that is going on around us. Our desire is already here but our senses may not actually see it yet. Besides, life will always throw curve balls at you. The goal is to become unbothered by it.

Assume the characteristics of the person who has what you desire.

People think that they get money first and then they become a person who has money. It’s the opposite. You must first become the person who makes money, and then the money comes.

For example, wealthy people are often in businesses or in sales. That may mean you need to learn sales. Wealthy people also invest, which means you may need to learn how to invest.

I’m currently trying to build a company after being self-employed for many years. That means I need to learn to behave like a CEO and start acting like that CEO today, now, before the multi millions are here.


The Law of Assumption is extremely powerful for business. It’s so powerful my team and I are going to be teaching more mindset tips in upcoming trainings. Make sure to check out our Persuade to Profit training page to learn more about upcoming trainings.

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