How to Use Systems to Grow Your Online Empire with Melanie Brandt

by Amanda Abella  - February 9, 2023

The interviews are back! I have a plethora of interviews coming your way in the coming weeks.


And let me tell you…


The conversations we’re about to have on this podcast with multi six and 7 figure online entrepreneurs are DEEP. 


Perhaps the deepest conversations we’ve ever had on the podcast and most likely the deepest conversations online about what it really takes to run a successful business.


As I’m listening back to these interviews my mind is blown with the transparency, authenticity, wisdom and generosity of these guests and how much they will be sharing with us.


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One thing our guest and I will be talking about today is the importance of building relationships and talking to people in business and in Persuade to Profit we teach you exactly how to do that.


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We’re starting with Melanie Brandt of Lifestyle Ind.


Melanie is a systems expert who focuses on teaching entrepreneurs how to have a systems ecosystem.


You guys ask me about my systems all the time so I went out to find experts like Melanie who could break it down for you.


In this episode we talk about:


The importance of systems and processes


How relationships are the new currency


Some very deep conversations and transparent conversations about mistakes we made, difficult mindset moments we’ve gone through building businesses and so much more 


The transition from overworked self employed business owner to the CEO of your company.


For those of you who are interested in Melanie’s trainings, I will leave the information in the show notes.


Annnddd… there is a special training in Melanie’s program by yours truly all about objection handling during sales conversations.


When you’re ready to uplevel your systems, I highly recommend checking Melanie out.


So without further ado let’s get into the interview so you can get to know her.


Resources Mentioned In This Show:

Persuade to Profit

Melanie’s Website 

The Audacity to Be Queen With Gina Devee

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