2021 Year in Review

by Amanda Abella  - December 28, 2021

Let’s recap 2021 – not as crazy as 2020, but still with enough surprises in this last year’s journey that it’s worth mentioning. So let’s look back at 2021 and review what worked, what didn’t, and what I predict will be big in 2022! Last year, my business doubled in revenue from the previous year, and 2022 will be a seven-figure year for MMYH.

Fulfilling Your Company’s Vision

I had a vision for this business and how I wanted to create my company, and by March of 2021, the world started opening up again. With so much demand for people wanting to start their own businesses, this has provided and put my company in a great position – and the most crucial part – we were ready for success! So lesson number one is always following your intuition because my intuition has been guiding timelines and direction of my business.

Trust the Process

Since starting my company, I’ve had to learn how to trust that process. I’m big on processes and procedures to keep your team working effectively, and trusting the process is what brought us to 2021 and will take us into 2022. Although this process hasn’t been easy, and there have been significant challenges, we stay focused on our mission of 1000 profiteers by 2026 because our mission keeps us going.

Moving Into Paid Ads

Entrepreneurs are hesitant to spend money on ads. So I decided to use paid ads, and I’m glad we made that decision. We’ve been so successful with ads that our customers were paying for our ads, which made good ROI sense.

We used ads to create a successful launch, and we’ve had over 500 customers already work through the program. Our clients started getting results within a week of finishing the program, and that’s super exciting! Many participants in our program also signed up for Persuade to Profit, a 90-day sales training program.

With the Persuade to Profit Program, we’ve had clients generate six figures in sales within three months, increase their close rates by 30%, and had clients sell out six group coaching cohorts in a year.

Investing in Big Events in 2022

This was so fucking exciting for 2021 when we went back to in-person events! I went to Grant Cardon’s sales execution workshop, and I can tell you, nobody does customer service like these people.

We learned an important lesson about events. We’ve started investing in much higher-level events that cost a fuck ton more money. However, the level and the caliber of people are significantly different. It’s people who will push you to another level and a higher standard.

The Importance of Team Development

This year I realized how important people and team development are to a business. I became aware of this when I gave the team what they needed, and they executed the plan independently. Because of this, the whole team’s level of confidence skyrockets. I’ve seen them grow so much in only a few short weeks – the amount of team growth is simply mind-blowing.

Building a Sustainable Business in 2022

When I think of my business, I want a sustainable company that can run without me, if need be. Now, remember, stepping away from your company takes time, and you have to trust that process. Likewise, building a team to create a sustainable business is not overnight. Still, I will say that getting help in determining how to develop the team and having a high level of support is crucial to making the process as smooth as possible.

If you’ve built a business from the ground up by yourself, and you have the right team that’s supporting you, you know exactly what I’m talking about. That moment when it hits you that you’re all on the same page and you’re working toward the company goal or vision together

There is trust with a solid team, and you each have each other’s back. When you first start building your team, you realize that you’re not running your company by yourself anymore, and that’s an adjustment. So for 2022, it’s definitely a year for more internal people development, which I need to work on for my business.

Stepping Into Myself

I feel like I’m becoming more into who I am and who I’ve always been, but I’ve been too afraid to go through this process because the unknown is scary. So people have been commenting on my outfits on Instagram for probably the first time in my career. So Y’all shout out to Colleen Coughlin over the full editor who taught me how to dress, which is a win for 2021.

Coming into who I am and realizing that I’m in a leadership position, not just self-employed. I’m leading communities, clients, and my team, which is my role moving forward. Luckily, I have the right mentorship and help to accomplish my career goals.

I don’t waste time trying to figure shit out on my own. Is there somebody who can help me figure this out? Great, here’s the credit card because I want to roll and move! I’m not too proud to admit that I don’t know what I don’t know.

Work-Life Balance

I’ve noticed there are two different camps regarding work-life balance. The camp doesn’t believe you can achieve balance – which is absolutely true. You can’t achieve balance naturally – you have to make your own balance.

Both work and play exist in the same time and space. The problem is that you go through seasons in a business where it’s busier and slower, depending on your vertical. I work so upfront, and I stay focused on my long-term vision and goals. I mean, there’s no done in this sentence.

I’m totally okay with having a year where I focused on sales, developing my team, and partnering with people. This next year, we will take what we did in 2021 and keep it going!


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