Building Authority Through Your Authentic Voice (with Molly Trotter)

by Amanda Abella  - January 4, 2022

Molly Trotter works with service-based entrepreneurs to gain confidence on camera using their authentic voice, which she loves to do.

Unfortunately, not enough people speak up and speak out when we get the wrong messages from society.

Read on, or listen, to find out how Molly emboldens her clients and uses their authentic voice to make a difference in the world.

Building Authority and Credibility in Yourself

Do you have the authority and credibility you need to be seen as an expert? Molly works with women to build that authority and credibility to be competent on camera because video is absolutely king in marketing.

Being a Christian woman business owner, her purpose and passion are in working with women to grow their entrepreneurship and step into their calling. Molly works with them to provide the legacy they want in a place where they feel good and comfortable.

Making Mistakes Is Part of Being a Person in Business

Molly admits to messing up royally in very embarrassing settings, even on IG lives. Even though she makes mistakes, she keeps those reels and videos on her feeds. “People are so tired of seeing perfect because we’re all trying to achieve the unachievable.” Even when you mess up, keep pushing through, she advises.

“I don’t have to be perfect.” Molly embraces being herself, with her flaws and mistakes as part of her authentic voice. “I just need to be me. Your followers want to hear your voice, your perspective, who you are.” When you try to be perfect, you’re not letting your followers see who you truly are on your platform.

The Fear of Cancel Culture

Cancel culture is a big fear and prevents people from speaking up. “Any comment good or bad is a comment at the end of the day.” She feels that people are scared to talk about what’s happening because they are worried that social media will shut them down. “If you are a person of influence and you truly value the influence that you’ve created and the people that are following you, you have a duty and a responsibility to speak up.”

“But if you’re just going to sit there and play it safe, you’re not doing anybody a service.” Molly says that you’ve gotta be able to put yourself out there and simply be you. Allow people to come into your circle because they resonate with your message. You have to draw that line and meet people in that gray area.

“If everybody likes you, you’re not doing it right.” You want to use your authentic voice to fulfill your calling in your life. You need to step into that because people are quite literally assigned to you. And if you don’t step into the place you’ve been called into, you will never have that breakthrough or get to where you genuinely want to be.

The Importance of Personal Responsibility

To have personal responsibility takes a mature person and a leader because pointing the finger will not solve any problems for your business. “You’ve got to give, give, give before you ask for anything. If you’re not willing to do that and show up for other people more than when you ask, then why should they show up for you?”

We need to take personal responsibility for ourselves and other people dependent on us for their welfare. “It doesn’t matter what your position is in life; there’s still a level of personal responsibility that everybody needs to take.”

Faith and Money

Molly is a firm believer in Jesus Christ, and the cornerstone of her belief is having a relationship with God. However, she doesn’t believe that the church has done an excellent job when it comes to talking about money. The church says that money is dirty and that because Jesus was poor, that made him a good person. “No matter what you believe, God wants freedom for your life.”

So how are you applying for your money? Where are you putting your money? How are you growing your money? “People of faith don’t want to invest, and you have to invest.” You have to put forth the effort and receive money in exchange for your effort. Give people value to get to the next level. “I bring the Lord into everything that I do because I know his ways are higher than mine.”

Money is Neutral

I’ve said this many times, but remember that money isn’t good or bad; it’s neutral. It’s what you do with your money – the actions you take – that make the result good or bad. Money doesn’t care because it has no opinion in life.

Take Action to Achieve the Lifestyle You Want

Some of you tolerate a lot of bullshit and your lives, and then you’re wondering why you don’t have the life or outcome you want. It’s that personal responsibility piece of we deserve better. We are going to do what we have to do to get better. And often, what I’ve seen, is this will piss so many people off.

If you get easily overwhelmed or have a lot of shit going on, you may need to handle your personal life and then return to your business.

Solving Problems and Finding Solutions for Your Business

When you have a problem, you need to figure out the root of your problem. Next, find out what kind of solution I need to solve my problem? Problems are going to happen. So welcome them rather than be upset about them. Let’s put a couple of heads together, get this job done, and move on.

Problems can be opportunities. They’re not always bad. We live in an imperfect world, dealing with many humans with a whole bunch of challenges. We’ve got to learn how to deal with each other.

Molly’s advice is to be proactive by bringing somebody in to help support you in your business and personal life. She says it’s better to get support than to be reactive and wait until something adverse happens. “If I can be proactive and just about anywhere in my life, I will.”

Being Purpose Driven in Business

I feel that if you’re purpose-driven right, then you’re compelled to help people and do better in life. I think you have to spend a significant amount of time in self-reflection, evaluating your life, and talking to spirit to figure out your purpose.

Molly says that by showing up and helping people break the chains of their lives, they can show up and be who they are, not a version of somebody they think people want to see as finding their purpose. To share your voice boldly and be the real person you are – to be your authentic self.

Intuition as a Superpower

Have an hour or two set aside to let your creative magic flow during your day? Whether it’s problems and solutions, figuring out where you’re at, needing clarity on an issue. Take a pen to paper, start jotting down what’s in your head, and let your thoughts flow.

Sit down with yourself and have those hard conversations. This is where you get clear on who you are and what you might need to heal and find your purpose. “Don’t rush the process because once you find your purpose, that’s a lifelong commitment and responsibility to now serve people in that arena.”

Listening to that inner voice inside of you that most of us have shut up is so important. That inner child, inner voice, needs to be listened to if you want to discover your true purpose and be your authentic self. And the beautiful part about women is that they’re one of our superpowers.

Intuition is a superpower. Finding your intuition in the quiet and in the stillness is essential to finding out who you are and your message and purpose.

It’s not going to be shouting at you, super loud over a megaphone, like the news. Instead, in the quiet time you find, you’ll be able to listen to your intuition, act upon it, and personally grow. Then, you can build your spirit and really understand how that is a part of yourself because we all have something inside of us that wants more authenticity.

You have to create the time to make this happen. Intentionally create what sounds and feels right to you. The discernment aligned with you can tell you when you can’t trust other people. Trust in yourself, so you can make good decisions.


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