Using Your Personal Intuition to Achieve Business Success

by Amanda Abella  - August 10, 2021

Nikki Novo was recently on my podcast. She is my friend and soul sister and an intuitive and spiritual mentor who has scaled her business to over six figures in the spiritual space. I stumbled upon her website several years ago and found her in downtown Miami.

Read on to discover how Nikki pivoted from a successful writing career to becoming an expert in the spiritual space – or click play to listen to the interview in its entirety:

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Raised in Miami to Cuban parents, Nikki graduated high school and decided to work in movies, “which is a Cuban parent’s worst nightmare.” says Nikki. “I’m pretty sure my parents thought I was going to LA to work in porn.” But, assuring her parents she wanted to work in regular movies, she studied PR, landed a job at Fox and Lionsgate, and fell in love with writing. She met many editors because she worked in the public relations department. “I met many editors and writers in LA. It was inspiring for me because it was the first time I saw people doing creative work and making money.”

Her father is a doctor, and her parents’ work philosophy is to be a doctor, attorney, or accountant. They were expecting her to take a regular 9 to 5 corporate job. Her parents wanted her to graduate from college so she would have job security. We understand the big fear of being entrepreneurial because it’s not seen as a safe career move.

Nikki Novo on Entrepreneurship

Nikki feels the opposite way about being an entrepreneur. “I always tell my friends the opposite. If I had to live off of a paycheck that like told me, I could only make this amount of money every two weeks, I find that very unsafe.” Nevertheless, she was happy that she could have a creative career that she loved and make a living. After breaking off a marriage, she moved to Miami to work. “I thought I could get more writing gigs if I move to a place where I have more connections.”

She started as an editor at MSN and NBC with her last full-time job at Refinery 29. I wrote about fashion and beauty, but around that time in about 2008, that’s when we had a blogging gold rush.” Realizing this was a booming type of work, she started blogging.

Since she was new to the singles scene, she decided to write about dating in Miami. “I ended up finding myself through dating and through the breakup. And that was one of my spiritual awakenings I wrote about.”

Many of the spiritual and self-help books at the time were authored by old white men. And then Gabrielle Bernstein came onto the scene. “Gabby was the first person I ever heard talk about thoughts affecting your reality.” This concept resonated deeply with Nikki so much that she signed up for Gabby’s group coaching program.”

Starting to Build Her Own Dream

Tired of creating content to build someone else’s dream, Nikki started building her own business. She first made a blogging course in 2011 that was sponsored by Squarespace. “I remember that big win for me, the worst blogging course ever, but it was the beginning of what I do today, so I’m grateful.”

Nikki met her husband, who was an arborist running his business using a paper calendar. She soon became his business manager, setting up tech systems to run his business more efficiently. Nikki continued to build her business as a side hustle but soon realized that managing her fiance’s company was energetically draining.

“I’m super grateful that I was able to test my crazy ideas with his business,” says Nikki. However, she soon realized that the business was draining her husband. Not able to run the business without her, Nikki felt the pressure to become the breadwinner in the family with the income from her side hustle.

Starting Her Intuitive Business

“I started doing readings and I remember pulling cards and I would say, ‘What can I do to make money?'” She recalls repeatedly pulling a card for mediumship and didn’t believe the cards were correct. Realizing she needed to believe in herself so she could move on with becoming the primary income earner in her family, Nikki moved into a more spiritual place, “There was so much power that came out of me.”

She started making money and hired a nanny to watch her three children. Then, investing money in a nanny to buy herself time, she began to offer more reading times to her clients. “What changed everything for me was that my spirit guide taught me a method.”

Nikki learned to read energy through reading the chakras. In addition, she studied Akashic records, a realm you can enter when you’re meditating. Through this process, she learned how to deliver information. Clients now understood her method, which made her process more consistent.

Remove Doubt from Your Business Mindset

“Doubt is similar to not being intentional with your time because you don’t know what to do with it.”

I agree with Nikki. The fact is, if you’ve got time to overthink, you’ve got way too much time on your hands.

She found that working on her business for over a year gave her a good doubt detox and the ability to build upon a business foundation.

How Nikki Novo Scaled Her Business

Charging her clients $325 a session, she completely booked her time. Then, realizing she needed to scale and her clients asking her for online courses, Nikki decided to build and sell her online course, Soul Seeker. Next, she created a next-level program, Soul Leader; however, it became hard to differentiate the two products.

Nikki soon realized that she needed to build a community around her brand, so she created Practice Circles. She started to attract other coaches, so she created her next course, Soul Teacher, for coaches who wanted to learn how to be intuitive.

How to Run a Business and Still Retain Your Femininity

There’s a dance between the feminine and the masculine when you are a female business leader. Understanding the Law of Polarity, we know the masculine and feminine energy is part of every daily experience. You need to bring them into balance to have a heart-centered business.

Nikki shares that there are two parts to every business: a virtual and a spiritual element. “This virtual part to me is creation. Anything we create is a co-creation rethink work, but we’re definitely in touch with everything else that’s happening.”

If you believe that you’re meant to do a specific type of work or believe the work you are performing is your calling, you have co-creation. So get inspired, take action, and give your workspace to grow organically.

Focus on Receiving Money, not Financials

It’s easy to get stuck on focusing on money; we all need money to live. However, Nikki says to focus on receiving and how you conduct your business. “If you walk out of the supermarket and someone offers to take your bags to your car, and you say no, you’re saying no to receiving. You can practice the concept of receiving money through tiny daily interactions.

She suggests practicing receiving in non-monetary ways, as money is a form of energy. “You can learn to receive money by risk because if you’re not receiving anything in your life, money doesn’t know the difference. If you’ve closed off everything, then you’ve learned to not receive. Money’s not going to be able to find a way in.” Nikki says you can start practicing by receiving what is being given to you every day.

Delegating Work to Employees

Moving responsibilities from your plate to your employee’s or contractor’s plate translates into money because when you come from a place of heart space, you can be supported in your work. You don’t have to create super money mantras to make money.

“Learning how to be supported on a people level and being surrounded by people that supported me translated to ‘the universe supports me in this work.'”


Nikki teaches grounding so clients can bring their energy back into their bodies.

“I find the reason people are ungrounded is that they think being ungrounded gives them more freedom.”

However, she is quick to note that being ungrounded means that suffering will land in your lap.

Your Business Energy

Your business is its entity with its energy. Nikki suggests looking at the moving parts and people working in your business and making sure you are tapping into your business energy. “You can sense where that energy is trying to move because that energy is moving all the time.”

Her advice is to be tuned in to your business, become your company’s visionary. Understand what your team is doing and where the energy is leaving your body. Then, when you are present in your business, you’re taking advantage of your business’s energy and using this energy to grow your company.

Ask your business, “What do you have to say to me?” Then sit in meditation, journal, or free-write. Let your hand and your mind receive your business energy and see what answers you are getting. “When you have a conversation with the energy of your business, you become more heart-centered with time and let go of ego.” Nikki believes we need to let go of our ego in business to be successful.

Trust Your Intuition

Learning how to listen to and trust your intuition is training to come back to becoming self-aware. Your intuition is part of a relationship you have with yourself. Unfortunately, you may have lost trust in yourself or your intuition, which is where Nikki comes in to teach others how to discover your personal intuition.

Believe You Are On the Right Path

“What if you were to tell yourself every day, that you’re on the right path? What would you do?” If you believe you are on the right path, what would you do today? This process eliminates self-doubt in yourself and gives you confidence that you are where you need to be.

Decide that you’re on the right path. As you decide that you’re on the right track, you won’t need to second guess yourself. Then, you can confidently make decisions as a leader.

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