Top Money Mindsets with Carla Titus from Wealth & Worth Within: Part 2

by Amanda Abella  - May 12, 2020

Top Money Mindsets

Part 2 of my discussion with Chief Financial Officer, Carla Titus of Wealth & Worth Within. We dig into the topic of mindset.


Here are the top money mindsets or beliefs that have helped me throughout the last crisis and this crisis to make sure business is always thriving.

Tried and True Money Mindset

One money mindset idea that always prevails is that there is an infinite amount of money and wealth can be attracted to you in the most random ways. The universe is continuously expanding with more growth. Nature that is untouched by humans is abundant, and it’s this abundance that we forget.

I find that it takes time to get to the point where the money is always flowing, and you can reroute cash to your business. There are infinite amounts of wealth that you need to be open to receiving. You’re attracting more positive energy and having money flow to you for the value you deliver.

People finding value and paying for your service is a challenging concept to digest. But once you do, you’ll be surprised how money flows towards you. However, you must take action. Wealth doesn’t land in your lap because you want money.


Money Moves Quickly

When you have an inspired idea and take action, your implementation from concept to reality creates a path for money to flow. If you’re not taking action, you’re missing out on that opportunity.

Investing two or three hours on your new idea that’s already yielding results will equate to money flow. If it didn’t take much effort upfront then it is well worth the payout.


Struggle Is An Opportunity to Overcome

Instead of seeing the struggle as an opportunity to overcome, take action, and understand that making money is not as hard as people think.

Once you start prioritizing and dedicating your time to the next step in your business, you’re going to realize that money is coming without reworking and reselling.


Be Focused On the Most Important Next Step

When you’re focused on the right steps, you will yield the right results. Measuring your improvement and business gains and knowing your top three priorities for your business are essential. Understanding these components gives you a focal point to choose your next step.


Scenario and Crisis Planning for Your Business

Make sure you are prepared for the unexpected with scenario planning. Look at your financials, find your risk, and address that imbalance before there’s a crisis.

It’s harder to get out of uncertainty during an emergency. You may have to borrow money, but you do what you have to survive and make your business thrive.

My advice is to be better prepared coming out of this COVID pandemic going into our futures business transactions. Do more financial planning for weathering the storm. One to three months of financial preparedness in your business is going to get you through a bump in the road and come out stronger on the other end.

Think about the lessons you’ve learned through this crisis. Next time, don’t get caught by surprise. Ensure financial planning for the stability of your business. The indirect impact is even more shocking because you didn’t expect a pandemic to happen.

Learn how to be prepared, so when the next financial downfall comes, you will have a cushion to land on instead of a hard floor.


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