Carla From Wealth & Worth Within and I Talk About Prosperity in a Recession Economy

by Amanda Abella  - May 5, 2020

Carla from Wealth & Worth Within and I chatted about creating prosperity in these uncertain times.

Carla wanted to give her followers a different perspective on what you can do, actions you can take, and the control you have over your business despite the circumstances we’re currently in today.

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My Business Journey

I accidentally fell into entrepreneurship ten years ago during the last recession. As a result of a pivotal moment for me as I had graduated and could not find a job for six months. I went a year before I found full-time employment.

Ten years ago, I was sick, not from a pandemic, but from a mysterious illness that no one understood. I ended up taking a medical leave of absence from my last year in college. A friend saw that I was struggling, and he let me borrow a book, The Art of Nonconformity, by Chris Guillebeau. I’ve noticed Chris Guillebeau has a new book out called Money Tree, and it’s perfect. Every time there’s a crisis, Chris Guillebeau’s out there in the trenches writing a book.

The Art of Nonconformity is a blueprint for how you can make money on your own. Alternate routes of making money and living an unconventional life. This was the first time I’ve experienced this mindset. I Googled how to make money writing online, and it was horrible. At first, I had no idea what I was doing. I was in my pajamas all day, stressed out; I was trying to get it together and figure it out. I did find a client who had these open articles for personal finance. They needed a personal finance writer, and I was paid ten bucks an article.

My very simple, humble beginning was being paid $10 an article. This one small job was enough to get me out of the mental storm. Now, I started asking better questions. I feel like I’m experiencing the same situation in other people. People are struggling – some more, some less, depends on their type of business.


Generating More Money for My Client’s Business

I enjoy generating more wealth for my client’s business, and more income that they didn’t think was possible before. People believe that money has stopped, and money never stops. There is always money, and I think many people don’t internalize that concept. Even though I do financial consulting and I’ve been in finance for over ten years, I think many people struggle to connect to the idea that money is always flowing, and it’s up to you to reroute the funds back to you. Deliver value, services, and products people desire will help others. If you come from that approach, I find it so much easier for money to flow your direction.


When I Pivoted, Reflected and Rearranged My Business Model

I started pivoting and rearranging aspects of my business I could do on my own. About halfway through my process, Carla came on. I couldn’t make all my new changes on my own. One of the changes that I’ve made was instead of focusing so much on freelance writing and content marketing, I was thinking of a business model that would encompass something that people needed no matter what was going on. Additionally, this concept required also to involve a service that’s in my wheelhouse. Sales and marketing were what I knew, so I started teaching, and now I’m helping my clients with their pivot.


What I Didn’t Realize During the Last Recession

What I did not realize during the last recession, was that I was going in blind and putting one foot in front of the other. People were looking for information on money, and I was providing them this service, and that led to income.

That is how we create value. People are ready to pay to either fast track a solution or learn something that they don’t want to figure on their own. There are free resources on the internet, however; it might take you a hundred hours to learn a new skill someone could easily teach you in a few days. You’d rather pay someone who can help you to figure out your issue quickly or coach you in the right direction. You can also purchase an efficient system they have created that you can directly implement and see results. Opportunities show up in many different ways.


Value Added Engagement For Your Followers

The first part of your marketing campaign you want to create is email. Add every single person who’s ever paid you to your list. That is the first thing I did. It’s like checking on the people who already paid you and have already committed to you because they’re going to wonder where the hell you are right now and And B, there may be an additional product or service you could provide for them. People are experiencing many different problems because of this crisis we have going on.

Another value adds that’s worked out well for my clients, is building community right now. Have a challenge or contest in your community to gather excitement around your product or service.

Try hosting a book club going with money mindset books or whatever genre of book you are providing. I’ve come up with very creative ways to support the people who’ve already been supporting and paying me.


Get Visible

I think thing number two is to be more visible. I’ve been on interviews all day long. Also, I’ve engaged in my training. Take a minute to reach out to potential partners quickly. I think that’s the way to get you in front of new audiences, and that leads to money.


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