The Year to Have a Winning Mentality

by Amanda Abella  - November 3, 2020

I’ve received two questions multiple times this year:

  • Amanda, how do I make sales right now when the world is on fire?
  • How have I kept my company growing?

We’ve had more visibility than ever and never stopped enrolling clients. Although our economic climate is a little crazy, our business keeps growing. We are onboarding our latest team members and taking in multiple five figures, not just in sales, but in cash revenue collected every month by launching cool projects.

My 2020 Business Mindset

There’s a specific mindset that I decided to take on and take to the next level in 2020.

There will be millionaires and billionaires on the other side of this whole catastrophe, which is the year 2020, and there’s only two options: win or lose. Pick your option.

That’s what I did, and I picked winning. I am going to win no matter what; losing is not an option. There is no plan B. My team joked that the only option is “Plan A for Amanda” because there is no plan B. The book Think and Grow Rich talks about this, and I highly recommend reading it.

I’ve been through many of the same challenges as other business owners. The difference is that I have a winning attitude.


Going to Economic War when the COVID shutdown happened

When the whole shutdown over the pandemic happened, I went in to talk to my team that Monday morning. I said, “Suit up. This is war.” General Amanda came out.

When the shit hit the fan, I had systems set up. I was able to walk into my team meeting that Monday morning and say, “Suit up; this is what we’ve been preparing for.” No one is safe. This past year has been one where you see who rises to the top and who crumbles. Who rises to the occasion, rises to the top, and comes out a winner.

I choose to win every single day. I don’t walk into the office in the mornings and think to myself, ‘oh, everything’s really great. We got a ton of money in the bank. I can slack off today.’ That’s not how winners put more points on the board.

Questions you need to ask about your business are:

  • How do we move our company forward even more?
  • What team members do I need to put in to continue moving this forward?


What Do Leaders and Winners Do?

Winners lick their wounds, slap on a bandaid, take two Advil, and keep it moving. Look at professional athletes. They don’t stop because they get hurt or are tired of training. Leaders persist and keep going to achieve success.

Many people tend not to be very resilient, they give up too easily, or they let their emotions overrun their decision-making process. Plenty of issues could be solved if you decide that you will win no matter what happens. I noticed I used the word ‘decide.’ Winning is a conscious decision, and it is a decision that you must recommend every time you run into a wall or challenge.

Every single day, you have the choice to decide to recommit to yourself. It is a decision that you recommit to as a business owner and a decision that your team needs to commit to – end of the story. There’s no gray area here, it’s either yes or no, win or lose.

Some people feel that putting this high expectation on their team isn’t fair. However, it’s a reality. Maybe next year, you will have more room to chill out a bit, but 2020 is not one of those years. I fervently believe that you must use this time wisely.

Remember, we’ve been given this amazing opportunity of being stuck at home.

Even though things are opening up, I still don’t leave my house. When will you ever be given an opportunity like this again to really set yourself up for the future? That’s how I’ve seen this entire year.

Because I’ve heard the two questions mentioned above, I’ve decided to start a 100% free Facebook community for women coaches and course creators who want to scale and master high ticket sales. We’re doing free weekly training in the group. Everything from offer creation all the way up to sales, follow-up strategies, and everything in between. I’d love to have you there.

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