How to Replace Fear of Rejection in Sales with Integrity and Conviction

by Amanda Abella  - October 27, 2020

Most Sales Coaches Don’t Teach You the Essentials of Sales

Many sales coaches don’t know how to teach you how to close on the phone. They talk about going back and forth with all this proposal bullshit. Then you’ve had over a dozen calls and still haven’t closed one single person! When I take you through my coaching program, Persuade to Profit, I’ll show you step-by-step how to close a call.

Onboarding calls for sales training in my program are generally pretty relaxed until we get to sales. Then it gets real. Why do I say that? Because most people are afraid of sales because they don’t want to give the impression they are another “used car salesman.”

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Many of you out there have the same fears regarding sales: you’re afraid of being pushy, afraid of rejection. I’ve heard a million reasons why people get scared when it comes to sales. So here’s a sneak peek of what I teach my clients, why my training gets you results, and why my clients do so well in their business.


Be Willing to Get Good at Sales

When my clients are willing to put themselves in a situation and take a chance on rejection, that’s when they start to grow and become good at selling.

First, I want to address the “used car salesman” syndrome. This is a salesman who likes to manipulate people. This metaphor exists because many car salespeople manipulate people.

We can’t place all car salesmen into this bucket, but many of us have experienced this when purchasing a car. The pushy, unprofessional, and slimy salesman who is out to make a commission and doesn’t care if they screw you over in the process. This type of salesman will avoid answering questions. Unfortunately, many people are still taught this unethical way to approach sales. And yeah, it’s manipulative.

Another unscrupulous type of salesperson is the one who will toy with people’s emotions and lead them on to purchase whatever it is they are selling. They say “do or die” scenarios that have the person believing they can’t live without their product or service, join their program or work with a particular coach. Lastly, this scenario turns into a bizarre codependent relationship.

This way of selling is so toxic. I’ve been in that position. I’ve also told my clients that if they are ever in a sales position and or if you’re ever being sold to and you want to know whether or not you’re being manipulated, pay attention to how the person responds when you say no.

A person who’s trying to take advantage of you is immediately going to get emotional and start giving you some bullshit about how your life will be a disaster. I remember being in a situation where I was face to face with a salesperson, and when I said “no,” the salesperson’s whole facial expression changed. At that point, I knew the salesperson was trying to manipulate me. Watch out for this key indicator of an untruthful salesman.


How a Professional Salesperson Responds to “NO”

The professional salesperson wants to help you solve your problems and won’t get over emotional at your rejection.

Without enough information, people are afraid of deciding to spend their money on a product and service. Consumers want to be sure they need and will use the product or service sold to them. The professional who is helping you by educating them isn’t going to manipulate you – they genuinely want to try and fix your pain point or problem.


Integrity is the Key to Becoming an Excellent Salesperson

A key indicator of a good salesperson is one who sells with integrity. We teach you how to do that in Persuade to Profit.

Conviction is another element of a good salesperson. When I’m convicted, I’m so determined to solve your problem. I am not going to give up on you, and we are going to get this problem solved because I know that I’m the person who can assist you in moving through your situation.


People Don’t Sell Because They are Afraid of Rejection

So many of us fear rejection. Although this is natural to fear, we don’t have to take it so damn personally. Once you go through so many calls, you don’t really care because rejection doesn’t bother you anymore. Most people don’t give themselves enough of an opportunity or put themselves in enough of those situations to get to that point of not caring about rejection. When you no longer give a shit, that’s when you have conviction. At this point, you close more people.

The issue with people who are attempting sales is that as business owners, they go into sales calls like they’re interviewing for a job, and that’s not the way you do it at all. Learn how to grow your business with killer sales when you sign up for Persuade to Profit and get rid of your fear of sales!

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