Sex Sells – with Taylor Sparks of Organic Lovin’

by Amanda Abella  - January 18, 2022

Ready to get hot? Yes, you read that right! Taylor Sparks is a sex educator teaching adults how to improve their sexual wellness and health and enhance their erotic love life – now, who doesn’t want more of that in their daily activities?

About Taylor Sparks

Taylor Sparks is the CEO and Founder of Organic Loven and is certified in human behavior and holistic arousal therapy. The mother of two grown children, Taylor hails from Boston. “I specialize in improving adults, sexual health, and wellness and enhancing their sex lives through organic, gets my body products, body-safe, sex stories, and sex and sex, positive sex and sex, positive books.”

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She started her company eight years ago. “While doing this business, my husband and I started traveling to adults-only resorts, which led us to developing and producing our own group events at adult-only resorts.” They met a couple who worked in luxury lifestyle vacations during their travels and started working with them to resell their luxurious couples’ travel packages. From this point, her new business partners hired Taylor to create a private label line of sensual, organic massagers and body washes.

The Sexual Toy Niche Taylor Decided to Fill with Her Business

While many of the lubes and lotions were filled with chemicals and the intimate body products were naughty toys, Taylor wanted to create a body-friendly line.

Today, Taylor and her team sell over a thousand products and represent over 200 brands shipped worldwide. As a result of her success, Organic Lovin is the largest black-owned online organic intimacy shop in America to date.

Selling Products from Inside Her Community

“We were already traveling in the ethical non-monogamy community, as an open lifestyle couple.”

With her background in aromatherapy and organic skincare, she knew that Organic Lovin would go over big with open-minded sex, positive people. “So once I started with the central body massagers, I just looked for other things to sell, but I wanted that same foundation of organic.”

Because up to 60% of what you put on the skin is absorbed into the bloodstream, Taylor understood the importance of organic products, especially in the sex industry. “We don’t keep it all because we pay, we poop and we sweat. But we do keep a smidgen of everything that’s put on to the skin and those chemicals bioaccumulate.”

Taylor says that the vagina and anus are made up of mucous membranes, so in these areas, 100% of what you put in these areas is absorbed into the bloodstream.” Components such as glycerin, sucrose, and glucose, which are derivatives of sugar, can become sticky and increase the growth of yeast in places you really don’t want it to grow!

Many of the products Taylor looked at to add to her line when she was an affiliate didn’t even have the ingredients listed on the bottle. “I made a commitment that we’re not going to have all these chemicals in our sex products.”

Educating Sex Consumers on Lifestyle Cruises


To educate people on the types of chemicals that can affect your body and health, Taylor developed workshops which she gave at lifestyle cruises and resorts where she could teach them about these products in a fun and humorous way. “My first, foundational seminar was called ‘How to Make Good Pussy.'” Developing fun seminars to introduce the products in a fun way to clients was the cornerstone of growing her client base.


Selling Toys and Talking Taboo Subjects

Anyone who knows Taylor understands that she can openly talk about sex. She has taught her kids to openly talk about sex. “So they were kind of like, oh. God, what are you doing now?” Talk about being embarrassed by your parents!

Because Taylor feels very strongly about the health perspective of using toys and products during sex, she never backed down from a challenge. “I never made someone make me feel bad because I’m trying to help you have a better sex life.”

Taylor focuses on wellness and health-related to sex. But, of course, her products do offer a happy ending!

“When you have a toy that pleases you or pleases your partner, that improves your relationship, not only with your partner but with yourself.”

Because she is centered on developing and improving relationships with partners and herself, this subject has never been taboo for Taylor. “I’ve gone to the chamber of commerce meet and greet events and brought my toys.”

Using Sex as the Center of Self-Improvement

If you want to enhance your life, you have to know what you want. In addition, you have to know what pleases you. For this reason, Taylor sells over 100 books on her site. She feels that exploring what you enjoy and finding out what you don’t enjoy are critical essentials to knowing what you want and using that to be a fulfilled person.

You know I’m all about the times we live in and the social fabric of our past male-dominated society. As a result of the patriarchy, men have shamed females about their bodies and tell us that the vagina has one purpose – to give birth.

Biologically, only a few mammals have clearances. We’re one of about five mammals that have sex for the enjoyment of the alpha-male only. We’ve been told by the patriarchy that women should lay there and receive sperm because, according to them, that is our role during sex.

And we have been caught up in that mindset for so long. Some women and men have found out that you don’t need a partner to please yourself. Learning that your body functions in the way it’s supposed to, that you’re not broken if you have never had an orgasm.

Women can enjoy the pleasure of the sexual act without having an orgasm.

“I’m not knocking the orgasm. It’s a great thing to have, but if you don’t have one, you can simply enjoy the act of sexual pleasure. You could literally enjoy the ride.”

Getting into a Taboo Business

So you have these four levels of consciousness, and at some point, you have to realize, I don’t know what I don’t know. And if you are starting your business alone, like I did, I was a, so I was instilled, for the most part, unless solopreneur and happened. And then I started being at a point where I could go to women’s masterminds because I knew what I didn’t know.

Taylor understood that if she were to be successful in her business niche, she needed to create education for her clients. The next step after educating her clients was to change their mindset about her products and not to see them as taboo but as a positive addition to healthy sex – for people that are inside the lifestyle and outside of the non-monogamous community.

Getting to the next level in her business is essential for Taylor, and I’m stoked that she is a part of our program Persuade to Profit. “You get into Persuade to Profit or and make an investment in yourself. Then you’re all excited!”

Her friends are already asking Taylor, “So what’s this program you’re doing? Oh, they’re a millionaire! Well, you know, of course there’s a millionaire because that’s how she can teach you how to be one in her program.”


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