Making Your First Mindful Million (with Leisa Peterson)

by Amanda Abella  - January 25, 2022

Leisa Peterson is a kick-ass money and business coach. She has worked in the money business for almost 30 years, helping people with their money one way or another. Listen to find out how she overcame her negative money mindset to thrive in a seven-figure income-earning business when she reached her thirties.

Reaching a Seven-Figure Income

For the past 20 years, Leisa has been looking at her inner journey just as much as her outer journey. She discovered throughout becoming a millionaire in her mid-thirties that it didn’t make all of her problems go away.

“Everything’s going to be perfect. It’s going to be awesome – like rainbows and unicorns.” While money is a great comfort, there’s a great privilege that goes with having money, says Leisa. “If you’ve got a lot of head garbage going on, then it doesn’t matter how much money you have.”

“And while money is important, I’m hoping that most people have started to question just how far money takes us.” Leisa believes that if we don’t have good mental health if we aren’t feeling good about the life we’re creating, it really doesn’t matter how much money you have.

So Leisa set out on a quest to write a book about what matters in life. The purpose of her book is to teach people about their relationship with themselves and how money can be a tool. “The way that we feel about ourselves is going to show up in every aspect of our lives.”

The Importance of Valuing Yourself

If you don’t value yourself and you think that you’re going to work hard and the money will come, it’s actually quite fleeting. It can be quite fleeting, or when you keep it, you’re so possessed out of fear that you might lose it, that money consumes your thoughts, and that consumes your business and your life.

When we focus on the inner elements of our being, not only can we make more money, but we are also not willing to sacrifice our soul for the mighty dollar anymore. We realize that every moment of our life is priceless, and we are here to thrive.

Getting Outside Your Comfort Zone

You can do the mindset work when you get outside your comfort zone.

If you don’t connect to doing something different, you’re not making more money. You’re not going to have the success that you are seeking.

Review Your Money Beliefs

Where do your belief systems come from? What are your beliefs about money? You have to know where your money mindset is coming from to get into the roots and dig them out. If they stay there, you’re going to be like covering them up. So there’s going to be an element of forgiving yourself or others for making mistakes.

Once you see and recognize the negative money mindset belief, you can allow yourself to lose that belief. Then you can get to work making money. Then, one day you’ll wake up, and you’ll see the person you’ve become. You’ll no longer let those beliefs dictate who you are, how you act, and how you show up.

Seize Your Ideas and Make Them Happen

“Ideas come and go. If you don’t seize them, someone else will take them.” says Leisa. There are consequences to everything. It’s just a matter of whether you trust yourself to handle the consequences. And I will say my rebound game is excellent because my confidence is my sword. I’ve learned how to rebound from mistakes and move on to the next project.

Waiting and not acting holds your life back. But, at the end of the day, you need to take advantage of your ideas, put yourself out there and take that chance to make a mistake. It definitely makes for a fun ride.

Finding Your Sales Intuition in Your Business

Since Leisa has had extensive sales training and experience over the past two decades, sales have become more intuitive.

“I love what happens in my business when I work with a sales coach or have sales top of mind.” For Leisa, the energy of tuning into sales skyrockets her sales in her company.

The Factors of a Good Sales Experience

She says that sales aren’t just a hop, skip, and jump. There are a lot of different factors to the experience.

However, when you set yourself and your team up for success, those conversations are the most magical, beautiful conversations.

Leisa’s Business Journey

“The journey for me has been figuring out the combination that works well for me. In the beginning I had bigger vision of what I wanted to create or how big I wanted my company to become. But again, this is coming from my perspective.”

While she doesn’t need more money, when she makes more, it’s a question of where it will go? “Who can I help? How can I make an impact? And my business is a reflection of that. Many women are feeling the call to break the paradigms, the patriarchy, and the forms that have shown up that were forceful as opposed to powerful.”


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