Seven Organic Lead Strategies to Grow Your Business

by Amanda Abella  - June 28, 2022


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So many business owners jump into paid advertising too quickly! Before you get into paid advertising such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads, you’ll want to make sure that you can convert visitors organically before you even think about throwing money at advertising. In addition to growing organically, you also want to create several different lead generation streams because you never want to rely on one platform for leads.

Let’s dive into organic lead generation strategies and tips to help you grow your business.

Seven Organic Lead Strategies to Grow Your Business

People always try to sell us lead generation services. I’m like, that is not our problem.

Our problem has always been way too many leads, not enough hands, and not a systematic process, which we have fixed over the years, but lack of leads has never been a problem.

#1 Using YouTube as a Lead Generation Strategy

YouTube is the gift that keeps on giving. My biggest regret is not staying consistent with YouTube over the last three years. However, many elements of my business needed to get fixed behind the scenes before I could make consistent progress on YouTube.

The best part of using YouTube as a lead generation strategy is that when others watch your videos, they really get to know you better. For example, we have a video from three or four years ago that continues to get views and generate leads for us every day.

Remember, your video doesn’t have to be perfect or well put together. The main point is that your video should be helpful for your audience. Narration strategy is one of the video components we’ve been utilizing on YouTube and our Facebook group, which is scaling with high-ticket courses.

#2 Using Community Groups to Engage with Your Followers

Facebook groups are fabulous because you can build and market to those communities. You already know that they’re interested in what you have to say.

So market to them consistently. Make sure to pre-qualify people before they join your group.

#3 Linked In Sales Navigator

Number three is LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Now, if you want organic lead generation strategies, you have to learn how to prospect and find potential buyers. I don’t think there’s any tool on the marketplace on social media as effective at doing this as Sales Navigator.

Using their advanced search filters, you can find just about anybody you need. Before you search, you want to get clear on your market and the avatar that you’re looking for on LinkedIn.

Once you do your search, LinkedIn Sales Navigator will spit out a list of leads to which you can start engaging and reaching out. Now, if you’re not sure what to say when using LinkedIn sales navigator, we have a free script that you can use to start engaging leads; click the link below to get your free pitch script.

#4 Using Instagram as a Lead Generator

We’re doing two main things on Instagram right now. Number one is Instagram reels because they’re paying a lot of attention to Instagram reels, and they are getting excellent visibility. And number two, this is direct outreach. So let’s talk about Instagram reels. We take full advantage of IG reels and post mostly video.

Now the second action we take is direct outreach. We find potential buyers with the search filters. You can search by using hashtags and start engaging with those leads and move them through a sales process.

#5 Using TikTok to Find Clients

The engagement on TikTok is insane. I will post a TikTok, and it will have a hundred commons in about 24 hours.

On TikTok, we give value, and then we always have a call to action to either sign up for a class or sign up for our sales script. We always have some sort of call to action that leads to engagement.

#6 Finding Referrals

Reach out to people who’ve already paid you and ask them, hey, do you know three people who need my services?

Who do you know that needs this particular program?

#7 Networking for Lead Generation

Networking is one of the best ways to find and get to know people face-to-face. Whether on Zoom or in-person, you can network at different events locally and worldwide to find and make new connections.

Networking is not contingent upon an algorithm, and outreach is not contingent upon an algorithm. Remember, you’ll want to mix different lead generation methods over time.

I’m gonna start networking more by getting on other people’s podcasts again. Being interviewed on a podcast is a great way to get exposure to someone else’s tribe with a similar demographic to yours.

Remember that there are many activities and steps you can take that generate business and are not contingent upon paid advertising. They just take a little bit of time and effort.

If you wanna dive deeper into these concepts, then make sure to check out our free class, all about how I built multiple six-figure businesses. In two years, it’s gonna give a lot more context.

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